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5 Yogasana For Hair Regrow: The problem of hair fall is a problem which not only increases with age, but also due to lack of nutrients in the body, one has to face this problem. There are many products in the market that claim to stop your hair fall, but only the user knows what the results are. Yoga is such a science in which treatment of many major diseases is possible. In this series, to get rid of the problem of hair fall, there are five yoga asanas which if you include in your daily routine, you will not only stop hair fall but these yoga asanas will also help in re-growing your hair.

5 Yogasan For Hair Fall

1. Uttanasana (Camel Pose)

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By doing Uttanasana, the level of oxygen and blood circulation to your head improves. Initially this asana may be very difficult, but gradually you will be able to do it easily. This improves blood circulation in your body and increases hemoglobin. This yoga asana helps in growing your hair and preventing hair fall.

2. Shirshasana (Headstand Position)

Shirshasana or headstand position can be very helpful in improving the circulation of oxygen to your head. The problem of hair thinning and fall can be eliminated with this yoga asana. Apart from this, you can also include this yoga asana in your daily routine for graying hair. With this yoga asana, the capacity of inactive hair follicles can be increased.

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3. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

To get rid of hair related problems, doing Matsyasana can be beneficial for you. If you want your hair to grow quickly then you should do fish pose. You can do this asana very easily at home. By doing Matsyasana, the right amount of oxygen reaches your head, which prevents hair fall.

4. Vajrasana

​If you are suffering from the problem of speaking, then definitely include this very simple asana in your daily routine. Vajrasana can help you get rid of the problem of hair growth and thin hair fall. Besides, it also makes your hair thick. With this yoga you can also get relief from stomach related diseases.

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5. Balasana

If you are facing problems related to hair, stress and stomach, then this asana can be very beneficial for you. Because hair fall occurs due to stomach and stress related problems. Also, if you are suffering from anxiety then this asana can be beneficial for you.

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