After 31 years, lamps were lit in the basement of Gyanvapi, late night puja, written on the sign board – Gyanvapi Temple Road – puja started in gyanvapi vyas basement After 31 years lamps were lit late night varanasi court masjid sign board Temple Road LCLAM theinsiderinsight

On the petition of Hindu side, Varanasi Court has given the right to worship in the Vyas basement of Gyanvapi. After which, today (February 1), worship has finally started in Gyanvapi campus after 31 years. A large number of people have reached the Vyas basement of Gyanvapi early in the morning for worship. In this case the DM said that the order of the District Court has been complied with.

Om Prakash Mishra, the chief priest of Vishwanath temple, and Ganeshwar Dravid, who determined the auspicious time for the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, conducted the puja in the basement of Beas ji. The rights of worship have been handed over to Kashi Vishwanath Trust.

Let us tell you that after the court order, the barricades were removed from the basement overnight. After this, people started gathering for puja early in the morning. The puja has started under tight administrative security cover. In the presence of heavy force, devotees are going towards Vyas basement and offering prayers. The puja is being conducted by the Kashi Vishwanath Trust Board.

Meanwhile, at night, some youths wrote 'Gyanvapi Temple Road' on the sign board leading to Gyanvapi. Whose picture is going viral.

In fact, Varanasi Court Judge Ajay Krishna Vishwesh had on Wednesday (31 January) given the decision to give Hindus the right to worship in the basement of the Gyanvapi complex. He had ordered the district administration to make arrangements within 7 days. After which the administration came into action and within just a few hours the barricades etc. were opened and arrangements for puja were made in the Vyas basement.

Worship started in Vyas basement after 31 years

The iron fences were removed only 9 hours after the court's decision and the puja was also started late at night. At 12:00 pm on Thursday night, in the presence of heavy administration, the barricading was opened and a path was made to reach the basement from the Vishwanath temple, right in front of where Big Nandi is seated.

The idols found there during the survey were kept and worship was performed till late night. Aarti was performed and Bhog and Prasad were also distributed. From today, all the rituals of worship including Shayan Aarti, Mangal Aarti will be performed in the basement of Vyas ji in front of the deities of the Gods and Goddesses present there. Late in the night, the administration handed over the arrangements for puja etc. inside the basement to the Kashi Vishwanath Trust.

It is noteworthy that within just 9 to 10 hours, the local police and administration jointly complied with the order of the District Judge to open the Vyas basement located in the Gyanvapi complex and perform puja in it. After this order of the court was complied with at midnight, this information was shared by the District Officer of Varanasi himself who has been made the receiver of Vyas Basement of Gyanvapi on the orders of the court.

Varanasi court had given the decision

It is known that at around 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon, the court of Varanasi District Judge Ajay Krishna Vishwesh had ordered that the barricading of Vyas basement located in Gyanvapi should be removed and worship should be conducted there. After which, a round of marathon meetings started between the police and administrative officials of Varanasi and at around 10:00 pm, after reaching inside Gate No. 4 of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, the police and administrative officials took the meeting and started taking action. .

While leaving around 2 o'clock in the night, Varanasi Police Commissioner Ashok Mutha Jain said that all the arrangements were fine, while District Officer S. Rajalingam bluntly shared this information that the order of the Honorable Court has been complied with.

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