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Neuro surgery doctors have prepared 8 brain simulators.

To go to any new place, we first open Google Map. If you want to go somewhere, then only this app comes to mind, but can you even imagine that a Google map can be created in your mind. Something similar is happening in AIIMS, New Delhi. Here the neurosurgery doctors have prepared 8 brain simulators. This is providing convenience in teaching and learning to those students who are trained in AIIMS. Various types of simulators were prepared to gain proficiency in brain surgery. In this entire matter, NDTV talked to Dr. Vivek Tandon of Neuro Surgery Department of AIIMS and learned about his discovery.

simple way to learn

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Dr. Vivek Tandon told that in earlier times, there was only one way to teach students about surgery, that the students would learn surgery by standing with the teacher and then when they learned, they would do small surgeries and then slowly study further. Which took a very long time. But with the help of these simulators, it is becoming easier to teach the nuances related to surgery to the students. Through these, he is able to learn to perform surgery without working on the patient.

AIIMS has prepared Google map of brain, it is helping in teaching surgery.

This is how it started

Dr Tandon said that during Covid he felt the need to have such a system. There are many students, hence not everyone is getting the opportunity at the right time. In such a situation, he along with a team of students and doctors created simulators. First worked on them myself and corrected the errors and then gave an opportunity to the students to learn.

it became easier to gain proficiency

The doctor further told that he has different designed simulators to learn different processes. There are different simulators for suturing practice, endoscopy or spine endoscopy, ultrasonography. These are models, through which different procedures can be practiced. Another advantage of this is that the teachers explain their mistakes to the students, in such a situation, they can avoid making mistakes when they actually perform surgery on a patient.

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