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There are elections in the country and politics has heated up regarding Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Home Minister Amit Shah once again reiterated that PoK is an integral part of India. Congress has taken a dig at his statement and challenged the central government. Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary said, Amit Shah had claimed that PoK will be included in India. I would like to ask have you succeeded in bringing an apple from PoK? Bring at least one apple from PoK. These people keep saying big things during elections. Now even Modi will talk big things. Let him come to the election rally. Just mislead people.

Congress leader Pawan Kheda reacted to Amit Shah's statement regarding changing situation in Kashmir. He said, ask the Home Minister why he is not holding elections (in Jammu and Kashmir)? It is easy to make tall claims in TV studios but we all know what is the ground situation in Kashmir. There is a boil in Ladakh. Sonam Wangchuk has been protesting for the last several days. But no one is listening to them, instead they are making such empty promises. The Home Minister should conduct elections.

What has Adhir Ranjan said?

Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary was asked that Home Minister Amit Shah has said that if anyone can save Kashmir, it is only PM Modi? On this Chaudhary said, Amit Shah had claimed in the House that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) will be included in India. I just want to ask whether Amit Shah and his government have succeeded in pulling an apple from the tree from PoK and bringing it to India? At least bring an apple from the apple tree and show it. Will PoK come under our control? It is very easy to say big things during elections. That's why they will keep saying big things. This is nothing. Even bigger things will come to light. Wait a bit. Let PM Saheb enter the field, how many big speeches will be given. All preparations are being made to mislead and deceive people. This is just their beginning.

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What has Home Minister Amit Shah said regarding POK?

Home Minister Amit Shah has given statements regarding POK in different forums as well as in Parliament. Shah says that BJP and the entire Parliament believe that PoK is an integral part of India. Muslim brothers are also Indians and Hindu brothers living in PoK are also Indians and the land which Pakistan has illegally occupied also belongs to India. Getting it back is the goal of every Indian and every Kashmiri. Shah had indicated that it would be withdrawn in its own time. There is a long process for this. Even when Article 370 was removed, the Home Minister had given a statement in the Parliament regarding POK.

Shah further said, those who talk about Islam should know that 85 percent of those who died were our Muslim brothers and sisters. Shah also asked the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to stay away from the conspiracies of Pakistan. He said, today Pakistan is surrounded by hunger and poverty and the people there also see Kashmir as heaven. I want to tell everyone that if anyone can save Kashmir then it is Prime Minister Modi. The Home Minister said that the Modi government is boosting the morale of the security forces by giving jobs to the families of martyrs. He said, today not a single martyr's family is left without a job.

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Adhir Ranjan had given statements even before this

Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary had also given a statement on 7 December 2023. He had taunted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah by calling them the brave men of India. Choudhary had said, bring an apple from PoK and show it. If you have courage then snatch PoK before 2024 elections. BJP will get the votes of the entire country.

Chaudhary said, at least bring an apple from PoK and show it and say yes, we have done it. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is being built by tearing open the chest of PoK. Why are Modiji and Amit Shah silent on this issue? You go to G-7, G-20, Shanghai Summit, why aren't efforts being made? Snatch away PoK and show it. Do the work which Congress could not do. Bring at least one apple from there. People perform great acts of bravery here. Encroachment has taken place in Ladakh. Everyone knows the Galwan incident.

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'Both are brave men of the country…

'He had asked- What was our Prime Minister doing then? Want to remind them. Do they have power or courage, both are brave men of the country… They talk about bravery… HUMPTY DUMPTY Both of them should go and snatch PoK and bring it under our control. Because he had gone inside the House after speaking. An All Party Resolution was also brought on this in 1993. Elections are in 2024. Snatch away PoK before elections. You will get the votes of entire India.

(Report- Gopal Thakur)

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