Ayodhya's economy increased after the consecration of Ram temple, every businessman is getting benefit – Ayodhya's local economy gets big boost post Ram temple consecration lcls theinsiderinsight

After the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, the per capita income of the local people has increased. The share of the district in the state's GDP is increasing rapidly. Ayodhya has got global recognition because of Shri Ram Temple. That is why the entire fabric of development of Ayodhya revolves around Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple.

After the consecration of Ram temple, one and a half to two lakh people from across the country are coming to Ayodhya every day. Devotees spend one to two days in Ayodhya. They stay in hotels during their visit to Ayodhya. Buy local goods. They visit temples and take something with them while going, be it a model of Ram temple or sweets as prasad or Shri Ram flag.

The income of those selling puja material, flower sellers, small handicraft industries, hotel industry, water sellers or retailers has increased three to four times. More changes will be seen in the coming year. This has not only increased employment opportunities in Ayodhya, but there has also been a tremendous increase in the per capita income of Ayodhya.

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Hospitality sector has grown the most

The biggest impact is being seen on the hospitality sector. Where the number of tourists is continuously increasing from small to big hotels. Surya Tripathi of Ramayana Hotel says that after the opening of the temple, the demand for rooms is continuously increasing. Luxury rooms ranging from Rs 7000 to Rs 20,000 are available here. More than 150 new small hotels and homestays are also coming up around the temple, which is creating new entrepreneurs and increasing employment opportunities.

On the other hand, the sale of all types of goods has increased in the markets around Ram Temple. Artisans selling Ram idols, decorative items and doing handloom business are benefiting. Small shopkeeper Ramkumar says that earlier his income was Rs 400 to 500. Now it has increased to 2500 daily. Whoever comes to this temple, takes back some local items, sweets or souvenirs from here.

The surrounding areas will be filled with new enterprises

Traders Association President Sushil Jaiswal said that the city has become famous internationally due to the construction of Ram Temple. Now Ayodhya will become a center in the coming times. Be it people who write Shri Ram on the forehead of devotees, street vendors, sellers of other goods or hoteliers like us, everyone's business is growing. In the coming time, the surrounding areas will be filled with new enterprises.

Apart from this, the price of property has also increased by 5 to 7 times and the price of the place around the temple has increased by 10 times. When the per capita income of the people of Ayodhya increases, its effect will be visible on the GDP of the state. Vinod Kumar Srivastava, general secretary of Uttar Pradesh Economic Association, said that its impact is quite visible all around the city. Huge growth is being seen in every sector.

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