Balochistan: BLA Claims To Have Killed 45 Pakistani Soldiers, Government Rejects – Balochistan: BLA Claims To Have Killed 45 Pakistani Soldiers, Government Rejects theinsiderinsight

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Balochistan Liberation Army has launched a major attack on Pakistan Army. He has named this attack as Operation Dara-e-Bolan. BLN has claimed that it has killed 45 Pakistani soldiers in this attack. However, Balochistan's acting Information Minister Jan Achakzai has denied this claim of BLA.

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According to Achakzai, BLA attacked Pakistan Army positions in Mach city, 65 km from Balochistan's capital Quetta, with rockets. Also fired. Pakistan army retaliated and foiled their attack. After this BLA attacked Mach police station. According to Achakzai's claim, there was minor damage in this attack. But according to Pakistan media reports, at least 10 people lost their lives, including a policeman and a truck driver. On the other hand, BLA spokesperson Ziand Baloch, who took responsibility for the attack, claims that many places including the police station, jail and railway station of Mach city have been captured and 45 Pakistani Army soldiers have been killed in this attack. Jiyand also claims that the bodies of the killed Pakistani soldiers are in the possession of BLA. This claim is completely contrary to the claim of the Baloch Information Minister.

Balochistan Liberation Army has been demanding independence of Balochistan for almost two and a half decades. He says that despite being full of resources, Balochistan is very poor and backward. For this, BLA holds the Pakistani government's policy of discrimination against Baloch responsible and is waging an armed struggle. He has also been accusing the Pakistani government of human rights violations and disappearance of Baloch. A large number of Pakistani Army soldiers and policemen have been killed in BLA attacks. BLA also opposes the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and has been attacking Chinese engineers etc. working here. The government of Pakistan considers it a terrorist group.

Recently, when Iran attacked the Balochistan area of ​​Pakistan, saying that it was targeting the terrorist bases of Jaish al-Adal, which carries out terrorist activities in Iran from the soil of Pakistan. In retaliation, Pakistan attacked 50 kilometers of Iran and said that it was targeting groups carrying out terrorist activities in Balochistan.

Balochistan shares its border with Iran and Afghanistan. Pakistan has also been accusing Balochistan Liberation Army and Balochistan Liberation Front of getting support from Iran. First, after Iran's attack on Pakistan and then Pakistan's attack on Iran, both the countries gave various statements towards reducing mutual tension. Talked about maintaining brotherhood between the two countries and resolving disputes through exchange of information. But after this, the way BLA has claimed a major attack, apprehensions about it are bound to increase in Pakistan.

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