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Raman Shukla, Patna. Within the ultimate spherical, the NDA's defeat in seven seats of Magadh and Shahabad was as a result of BJP-JDU rebels and traitors. They ruined the NDA candidates' probabilities. In nearly each seat, the NDA candidates misplaced by nearly the identical variety of votes because the rebels reduce.

On this, apart from the Aurangabad seat of the primary part, the script of victory and defeat in six seats Patliputra, Jehanabad, Karakat, Sasaram, Ara and Buxar was additionally written by the rebels who have been as soon as with the NDA. It’s a totally different matter that the get together additionally distanced itself from these Jaichands, however by then it was too late.

Most likely this loss was not compensated by the BJP group in addition to NDA voters. On the identical time, the morale of the group was damaged as a result of neglect of the MP in Ara. The gap of the MP from the voters and staff was additionally a giant cause behind the low voting in favor of the BJP.

The blow of infighting in Aurangabad

Together with the unity of Kushwaha voters in Aurangabad, the BJP's infiltrators wrote the script for BJP MP Sushil Singh's defeat. On this, former MLA Ramadhar Singh's open opposition to the MP was most essential. Other than this, the opposition of the officers related to the group within the district additionally proved deadly for the MP.

In line with BJP sources, the displeasure of senior leaders like BJP's MP candidate Krishna Ballabh Prasad Singh alias Babua ji and former district president Vinay Sharma proved to be a loss for the MP. The Kahar voters among the many backward castes additionally turning away from the MP was a serious cause for the defeat. On account of many such causes, the MP misplaced by 79,111 votes.

Three-Okay Think about Pataliputra

The indifference of the higher castes and JDU's core voters of Saran proved pricey for Ramkripal Yadav's defeat. Other than this, the issue of three damage extra. The shortage of enthusiasm of the voters of NDA's three-Okay (Koiri-Kushwaha, Kurmi and Kahar) compared to the core voters of RJD was additionally an essential cause behind the defeat of the BJP MP from Pataliputra.

Nevertheless, it is a vital indisputable fact that this time Ramkripal received about 20 thousand extra votes than in 2019, but the BJP MP misplaced. In 2019, Ramkripal received 500900 votes. Whereas, in 2024 he received 5,02800 votes. Regardless of this, the BJP candidate misplaced by 85,174 votes.

Neglect of group in Ara

Former Union Vitality Minister RK Singh's hat-trick boat sank within the whirlpool of neglect of staff and district group. BJP's district officers allege that BJP staff wished nothing else however just a little respect from the MP within the elections. However, if the employees didn’t get even that, then why would they offer up their lives for the get together within the scorching warmth? BJP is understood for its group and particularly RSS volunteers performed an essential position within the technique throughout the elections.

This time his exercise was not seen on the bottom. Go away alone the general public, the employees didn’t even have easy accessibility to the MP. The remaining hole was attributable to Pawan Singh, the backward voters voting in opposition to the MP, which was the primary cause for the defeat. RK Singh misplaced the election by 59808 votes.

Kshatriyas have been with Sudhakar in Buxar

The largest cause behind the defeat of BJP candidate Mithilesh Tiwari in Buxar was that the Kshatriya voters voted en masse in favour of RJD candidate Sudhakar Singh. On the identical time, Mithilesh misplaced by a a lot lesser margin than the variety of votes that former bureaucrat Anand Mishra received by contesting as an unbiased candidate.

The previous bureaucrat received 47409 votes whereas Mithilesh misplaced by 30091 votes. On the identical time, the district group additionally didn’t present a lot enthusiasm in direction of Mithilesh. There was additionally inner opposition to the candidature of an outsider.

Anti-backward wave began from Karakat

Pawan Singh contesting as an unbiased candidate from Karakat and the youth of the Kshatriya neighborhood talking out in opposition to Upendra Kushwaha have been the main causes for the defeat of RLSP candidate Upendra Kushwaha. Nevertheless, BJP-JDU candidates needed to bear the loss in lots of seats within the final part.

Not solely this, the employees related to the BJP group in Karakat additionally didn’t assist Kushwaha. Other than this, altering alliances repeatedly additionally proved deadly for Kushwaha. In such a scenario, Upendra went to the third place.

Chhedi-Lalan didn’t get assist in Sasaram

BJP candidate Shivesh Ram's hopes of inheriting his father's legacy have been dashed by the get together's personal infighting. The infighting by former MP Chhedi Paswan and Lallan Paswan, who had joined the BJP with the dream of changing into an MP, ruined Shivesh's probabilities. Each of them didn’t present any sympathy for the get together candidate all through the election. Other than this, Kushwaha voters, influenced by Meera Kumar and RJD, voted extra in favour of the Congress candidate.

In Jehanabad, Kushwaha turned away. Other than insurgent JDU leaders Abhay Kushwaha who was elected as RJD MP from Aurangabad, the scenario of NDA candidate grew to become weak as a result of stronghold of backward and very backward class leaders related to RJD. This was additionally the explanation for the defeat.

Other than this, the Kushwaha voters turned in direction of RJD as a result of mobilization of Kshatriya voters in favor of Pawan. The message of RJD to appoint six Kushwaha neighborhood leaders proved deadly for JDU candidate Chandrashekhar Prasad Chandravanshi.

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