Bihar Jharkhand Council Finland celebrated Bihar Day and Holi with great enthusiasm – Bihar-Jharkhand Council Finland celebrated Bihar Day and Holi with great enthusiasm theinsiderinsight


Bihar-Jharkhand Council Finland celebrated Bihar Day and Holi on 23rd March, 2024 at Kotiseututaalo, Vantaa. Indian Ambassador Ravish Kumar and his wife Ranjana Ravish attended the event as chief guests. This festival is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Bihar and Jharkhand, coming alive in the heart of Finland.

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This association was established with the help of Indian Ambassador Ravish Kumar, who hails from Bihar. The association works with the aim of strengthening community and cultural exchange among residents. During the program, Ambassador Ravish Kumar and President of Bihar Jharkhand Council Finland, Kalpana Jha said many important things.

Ambassador Ravish Kumar said, “I am extremely proud to see the enthusiasm of all of you in celebrating Bihar Day and Holi here in Finland. These occasions remind us of our roots and also the bond of unity in our community. Let's strengthen.”

President Kalpana Jha also promoted the importance of cultural identity of Bihar and Jharkhand saying, “Our council works as a platform for cultural exchange and enhancing unity among the members. Such events do not destroy our traditions. “Not only showcases, but also gives us an opportunity to come together as a community, which can strengthen relationships.”

Everyone also enjoyed delicious Indian food at the festival. An exotic dance was also presented by the community participants, which added to the joy of Holi and Bihar Day.

Bihar Jharkhand Parishad Finland expressed its gratitude to all the attendees, volunteers, and sponsors who contributed to the success of this event. Such programs further strengthen the bonds of friendship and cultural exchange between India and Finland.

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