Brother KTR argued with ED officer on Kavitha's arrest, compared PM Modi to Khilji – k kavitha brother KTR argued with ED officer BRS sharab ghotala case ntc theinsiderinsight

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Friday booked Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) MLC K. in an alleged money laundering case related to the Delhi Liquor Policy issue. Kavita has been arrested. ED had searched his house in Hyderabad on Friday, after which he was detained and then the team of the investigating agency arrested him. According to the information K. Kavita was not attending the interrogation despite two summons, hence this action has been taken against her.

At the same time, when ED reached Kavita's house for action, ED officers had an argument with her brother KTR. A video from inside BRS MLC Kavitha's residence also surfaced. In this video it is seen that a heated argument is going on between ED and BRS leader KTR Rao. According to this video, an argument is seen between KT Ram Rai and IRS Bhanu Priya.

After this episode, a message has been issued by KTR's team. In this K. Kavita and family members have said that they will fully cooperate with ED officials. Party leaders said that they will deal with the illegal arrest by ED in a legal and peaceful and democratic manner. KTR, Harish Rao and other senior party leaders asked the party workers to work peacefully and not stop the arrests.

Let us tell you that, K. It is recorded in the arrest order of Kavita that the Assistant Director has reasons to believe that Kavita is guilty of an offense punishable under PMLA 2002 (2003 of 15). Using the power under PMLA, Kalvakuntla Kavitha was arrested at 05.20 pm. He has been informed about the reasons for his arrest. Along with this, a copy of the grounds of arrest (consisting of 14 pages) has also been given to him.

In its statement issued after this episode, the KTR team has targeted PM Modi. On behalf of KTR, it has been said that in the year 1323, Alauddin Khilji's army raided and captured Kakatiya emperor Pratap Rudra and took him to Delhi. Khilji's army took out a victory procession and destroyed it. Exactly seven hundred years later in 2024, Modi's forces invaded Hyderabad and captured MLC Kavitha and took her to Delhi. Now Khilji's successor Modi has taken out a procession in Hyderabad.

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