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Budget 2024: Finance Minister Sitharaman is presenting an interim budget this year…

New Delhi :
From industry leaders to the common man, everyone's eyes are on the Interim Budget 2024 being presented by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today. Salaried taxpayers are expecting changes in income tax slabs and more cuts. At the same time, industrialists are also having many expectations from the budget.

Important information related to the case:

  1. The country's Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is presenting the interim and final budget (Budget 2024) of the second term of the Modi government. PM Modi is also present in the Parliament House.

  2. The Finance Minister enumerated the economic achievements of the government in the election year. He said that the government has eliminated corruption and created more and more employment opportunities in the country. Let us move forward with the mantra of Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas.

  3. While presenting the interim budget, Finance Minister Sitharaman said that the youth of the country are proud of the present and have hope and faith for a bright future. It is hoped that on the basis of excellent work our government will once again get the mandate.

  4. The Finance Minister said that 25 crore people have been brought out of poverty in the country in 10 years. The government is empowering the poor. 78 lakh street vendors got benefit from PM-Swanidhi, PM Vishwakarma Yojana has also benefited.

  5. Free grains are being given to 80 crore people in the country. Every eligible person is getting the benefits of the schemes. Bhai-Bhatizabad is being abolished.

  6. Loan of Rs 22.5 lakh crore has been given under PM Mudra Yojana. The government has given a new meaning to GDP as 'Government, Development and Performance', with special attention being given to inclusive growth.

  7. 1.4 crore youth of the country got the benefit of Skill India Mission and under PM Mudra Yojana, loan of Rs 30 crore has been distributed to women entrepreneurs.

  8. Presenting the interim budget, the Finance Minister said that when the Modi government came to power in 2014, India was facing huge challenges and the government overcame the challenges in the right manner.

  9. Nano urea will be used in various crops in agro-climatic zones. For further growth of the agriculture sector, the government will further promote public and private investment in post-harvest activities.

  10. The government will come up with a special housing scheme for the middle class. Schemes will be brought for people living in rented houses, slums and chawls.

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