Faiza from Iran in love with Youtuber, got engaged in Moradabad, will go to see Ramlala – Iran girl Faiza in love with Youtuber got engaged in Moradabad, will go to see Ramlala lclcn theinsiderinsight

A love story is being discussed a lot in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Faiza (24 years), a resident of Iran, has come to India with her father on a 20-day visa and is living with YouTuber Diwakar of Moradabad. Both of them became friends on Instagram. After this fell in love. Now both of them have got engaged. The girl has completed the legal process in Iran. As soon as the legal process in India is completed, both will get married.

Diwakar Kumar said, three years ago Faiza and I came in contact through Instagram. In the beginning, we both used to talk about each other's countries. I create travel blogs on YouTube. After this we both started understanding each other and fell in love.

YouTuber told that Faiza's lifestyle is different. I faced a lot of problems in the beginning. When I went to Iran, my beard was very big. Then Faiza family members used to ask why the beard is so big. When I came to know about all these things and understood their culture, I started understanding everything accordingly. Then Faiza's family agreed to the marriage. After this he learned Persian from Faiza and taught her Hindi.

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Diwakar also told that Faiza's legal process in Iran has been completed and documents have been submitted to LIU. Both of them will get married as soon as the legal process in India is completed. Faiza's father cultivates walnuts. Two days ago Faiza went to Moradabad with her father. Both of them got engaged on Friday.

Faiza and her father want to go to Ayodhya

Diwakar told that Faiza and her father want to visit Taj Mahal. After this he wants to know why Ayodhya has become such a topic of discussion. That's why he wants to go there also. He wants to explore Indian culture so that he can understand it better.

At the same time, Faiza told that she is a resident of Hamedan city of Iran. Came to Moradabad on 20 day visa. He met Diwakar on Instagram 3 years ago. After this they fell in love and thought of coming to India on visa.

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