Fine of Rs 1 crore imposed on famous restaurants and hotels of Noida, know what is the matter – noida authority fines 35 restaurants and hotels for breaking waste water management rules NTC theinsiderinsight

Noida Authority has imposed a fine of about Rs 1 crore on many renowned restaurants and hotels of the city. It is being told that all these hotels and restaurants were pouring kitchen water directly into the sewer line and drain without treating it, due to which problems like blockage in the sewer line and drainage system were occurring. The authority has asked all hotels and restaurants to deposit the fine amount soon.

According to the information received from Noida Authority, there were continuous complaints of blockage of drain and sewer lines in the city. After this, the authority team conducted a campaign in many restaurants and hotels of the city to check the waste water management. During this period, about 40 hotels and restaurants were found which were directly dumping the greasy dirty water from their kitchens into the sewer line or drain without treating it. Due to this, sewer lines and drains are getting clogged.

The authority gave notice to all these restaurants and hotels to rectify the situation within 15 days. But when the authority investigated after 15 days, it was found that after the notice was issued, the waste water management of only 5 hotels and restaurants had been improved. Apart from this, the remaining 35 restaurants and hotels are still dumping dirty water into the sewer. Due to this, the authority has imposed a fine of about Rs 1 crore on all these 35 hotels and restaurants.

fine imposed on them

-The Courtyard Diner, Sector-104
-Kolahal Restaurant, Sector-104
-At Live Restaurant, Sector-104
-The Yellow Chilli, Sector-104
-Spizza Baristo, Sector-104
-La Pino's Pizza, Sector-104
-Bob's Restaurant, Sector-104
-Aahar Restaurant, Sector-104
-The Giant Panda Restaurant, Sector-104
-Sweet-Eye Restaurant, Sector-104
-Chhavi Hotel, Sector-104
-Awadi Food Tarkari, Sector-104
-Al-Nawab RestaurantSector-104
-Fila Restaurant, Sector-104
-Gabbar Dhaba, Sector-104
-Singh Foods, Sector-104
-Baba Da Dhaba, Sector-104
-The Artist Walk Food Court, Sector-104
-Dad's Treat, Sector-104
-Sterling Mall, Sector-104
-Gulathi Punjabi, Sector-18
-Khan Ki Kathi Rolls, Sector-18
-Chinese Wok, Sector-18
-Prithvi, Sector-18
-Walk in the Woods, Sector-18
-Desi Vibes, Sector-18
-Dhaba at Atta, Sector-18
-Radheshyam Swagat Restaurant, Sector-18
-Choman, Sector-18
-Swagat Restaurant, Sector-18
-The Tandoori Village, Sector-18
-Nazir Foods, Sector-18
-Heera Sweets, Sector-18
-Sagar Ratna, Sector-18
-Patiala Kitchen Restaurant, Sector-18

What does the rule say?

Let us tell you that as per the rules, dirty water containing lubricants cannot be discharged directly into the sewer or drain. It can be discharged into the sewer line only after treating it through ETP and grease trap. The authority has directed all restaurants and hotels for this. Besides, instructions have also been given to install grease trap in the kitchen of the restaurant, so that the problem of overflow of sewers and drains can be solved.

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