Foreign Policy Has Completely Changed In Modi Era, EAM S Jaishankar Tells NDTV – Foreign Policy Has Completely Changed In Modi Era…: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar tells NDTV. Jaishankar theinsiderinsight

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said these things in a special interview with NDTV Editor in Chief Sanjay Puglia. In the interview, he expressed his opinion on various topics including Canada, the current dispute with Maldives, bad relations with Pakistan, Global South. During this time, Jaishankar also shared his experiences of working with PM Modi and also told the secret of his fitness.

The book 'Why Bharat Matters' written by Foreign Minister Subramaniam Jaishankar has been released recently. Three years ago he had written a book, titled 'The India Way'. On the question asked regarding writing 'India' in the previous book and 'Bharat' in the recent book, Jaishankar said, “In this decade and especially in the last three-four years, we have seen such changes in the country… which The answer is India. I felt that using 'Bharat' would convey my message in the right way. I consider 'Bharat' as a mindset and an approach.

Changed way of looking at India
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said, “Now the world's perspective on India has changed. Now other countries are curious about the positive changes that have taken place in India in the last few years and are talking about us. From Ukraine to Gaza war. We have shown our strength to the world. In 2014, this policy was introduced that 'Neighborhood First'… it meant that we should give priority to our neighboring countries. Our dealings with them should be with an open heart… they have many Sometimes there are needs… there may be no deal in dealing with them… in a way, this is real friendship.”

“Foreign policy has completely changed in the Modi era…”: Foreign Minister S. told NDTV. Jaishankar

Canada is promoting terrorism
Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has slammed Canada over Khalistani terrorism. He accused Canada of promoting terrorism. The Foreign Minister said, “Encouraging terrorism is Canada's political weakness.” He said, “When Canadian PM Justin Trudeau met PM Narendra Modi in India, he did not explain in detail about Khalistani supporters and separatists. Canada made serious allegations against India, but did not provide any evidence for the same.”

Canada had blamed India for the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Since then there is tension in the relations between the two countries. Terrorist Nijjar was murdered on 18 June 2023 in Canada. After this the dispute between India and Canada continued to increase. However, later Trudeau himself had talked many times about maintaining relations with India.

Foreign Minister told how he keeps himself fit? Said- 4-5 days leave is not possible in Modi government

Those who question our democracy should look into their own pockets.
The Foreign Minister said, “Those who question India's democracy are far from the truth. The countries who question our democracy should first look within themselves. If you question India, India will also answer you.”

Advice given to Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu
The Foreign Minister responded by noting Canada as well as Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu. While giving advice to Muizzu for his anti-India policy, he said that in politics and in a position of responsibility, it is necessary to behave differently. The Foreign Minister said that India is ready to talk with Maldives to resolve the dispute.

Will diplomatic relations be restored with Pakistan?
Jaishankar, in a special conversation with NDTV, talked in detail about India's poor relations with Pakistan. Jaishankar said, “Neighbors are neighbours… Neither can they leave us nor can we leave them… The reason for bad relations with Pakistan is terrorism. The more Pakistan supports terrorism, the more it will suffer. Pakistan “High level talks with India are still a distant dream. There is no question of talks.”

Will diplomatic relations be restored with Pakistan? Foreign Minister told NDTV – Government is reviewing it

What are the preparations of Modi government regarding Middle East?
The Foreign Minister said, “If you ask me about a game changing idea in the next 10 years, my answer will be – India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. We are going on a different path… UAE and Middle “East is very important. We have to prepare for the next 25 years.”

Technology will not progress without manufacturing
The Foreign Minister said, “The Prime Minister says think of Amritkaal… This is a kind of opportunity for the young generation. But if we prepare for these 25 years, then we cannot do it in small steps… Some big ideas are needed. Among these, global work place is a big idea. Connectivity is a big idea. We lagged behind in many areas of technology.. because earlier there was not much focus on manufacturing. Without manufacturing, technology will not grow. In this direction Have to work.”

“Canada is promoting terrorism, this is their political weakness…”: Foreign Minister S. told NDTV. Jaishankar

Called Hanuman a 'great diplomat'
The Foreign Minister also described Hanuman, the main character of Ramayana, as the greatest diplomat. Jaishankar said, “Hanuman was a great diplomat. He was a real diplomat because he was sent to Lanka as a messenger. Hanuman also had an intelligence mission. He had to get information about Sita.” Referring to Ravana's burning of golden Lanka, the Foreign Minister said, “Hanuman was an active diplomat. While leaving Lanka, he caused a lot of damage there.”

Should embrace one's culture and heritage
The Foreign Minister said, “Our culture and heritage should be adopted. It is important to use our references in our dialogue. The references to our heritage are easily understood.”

What are the preparations of Modi government regarding Middle East? Foreign Minister S Jaishankar told 25 year plan

Diplomacy a kind of mind game
The Foreign Minister said, “Diplomacy is a kind of mind game. There are many such examples in Ramayana. You will find examples of Ramayana in the concepts we talk about today in Diplomacy in International Relations.

4-5 days leave is not possible in Modi government
How does the Foreign Minister, who works in a busy schedule with PM Modi, manage holidays? In response to this question, S Jaishankar smiled and said, “Going on holidays for a week or two weeks… this is not possible in the Modi government.” He said, “We knew this from the beginning. This situation is not just for ministers. Even when I was secretary, it was not possible to take leave for many days. So you have to find different ways to handle things.”

“From Ukraine to Gaza war, we showed our strength, changed the way of looking at India”: Foreign Minister told NDTV

Foreign Minister told how he keeps himself fit?
During the interview, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said, “I play squash or badminton for at least an hour every morning. If I can't stretch, I at least do something that keeps me fit. I listen to music.” I read books. I have always been interested in the world. That's why I joined the Foreign Service. Traveling also gives us peace in a way. Besides, you get to know different things about different countries. Overall knowledge increases,

He references Iliad so why not talk about Ramayana: Foreign Minister calls Hanuman a 'great diplomat'

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