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Girl was doing stunts while standing on a moving scooter

You must have seen a lot of videos of people creating ruckus on Holi, but seeing this video going viral, you too will surely be stunned. In this video of just 14 seconds, a girl is seen playing Holi while standing on a moving scooter, but what happens to her in the next moment, she will probably not forget for the rest of her life. Watch full video.

Holi on moving scooter (Holi Stunt Video)

This video going viral is said to be from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, in which a man is seen driving a scooter, while a girl is seen standing on the seat behind him making a reel. It can be seen in the video how the girl is playing Holi on a moving scooter. In the video, the girl is seen applying color on the face of the person driving the scooter, but the next moment while reeling, the girl falls on all fours (falls from the car) in the middle of the road.

Watch video here

In this way, due to the negligence of some people, the lives of other passengers are put in danger. Noida Police has taken strict action against those doing stunts on the day of Holi. A user named Madhur Singh posted the video from his X handle and tagged Noida Traffic Police and filed a complaint.

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