India Relationships With Its Neighbors Not Of Transactional Nature Says External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar – What are the 5 markers of Modi government regarding relations with the world? Foreign Minister S Jaishankar told NDTV theinsiderinsight

In an exclusive interview with NDTV Editor-in-Chief Sanjay Puglia, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said, “Look in your own neighbourhood… You know that in 2014 this policy was come that Neighborhood First… it meant that we Give priority to neighboring countries. Our dealings with them should be with an open heart. They sometimes have needs. There should be no compromise in dealing with them. In a way, this is real friendship. Its biggest marker is Sri Lanka..”

First marker- Sri Lanka
The Foreign Minister said, “When Sri Lanka was in crisis, its economic condition had deteriorated so much that even the President had to leave his post. The rest of the world was discussing. At that time no country was helping Sri Lanka much.” India was the only country that helped Sri Lanka. For the first time in the history of India, we helped any country with 4.5 billion dollars. This sent a message to the neighboring countries. The message is that India stands with its neighbors in times of difficulty. It is a country that stands.”

Second marker- Gulf country
The Foreign Minister said, “The second marker of India's foreign policy is in the Gulf countries. I call it extended neighbourhood… because before partition it was our neighbor. Our relations with the Gulf countries are not as deep as they should be. We know that Narendra Modi was the second Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi to visit UAE. After Indira Gandhi and before PM Modi, no Prime Minister visited UAE. If we assess India's relations with UAE If we go there, we will see that the relations between the two countries have strengthened a lot since 2014. Trade between us has increased. The number of Indians in UAE has increased. A temple is being built there, which will be inaugurated next month.. First which The relationship was about oil and trade, now it has become a completely strategic relationship.”

Third marker- America
The Foreign Minister said, “I will take the US as the third marker… You saw last year when PM Modi had a state visit to the US. You know I have a lot of experience with the US… Big visits. Which are considered… like Rajiv Gandhi's 1985… Manmohan Singh's 2005… in which nuclear deal was done… Modi ji's own 2014… I myself was present in all these… this time I visited The achievements were different. This time the American administration was also with us and the American Congress was also with us… the business world was also with us… America's tech world was also with India. Our community supports us in the same way.”

Fourth marker- Ukraine and Israel
S Jaishankar said, “The fourth marker is Ukraine. Sometimes there are dilemmas in diplomacy that different relationships lead to pressure from different countries or they demand that you listen to us… I give three examples. One is Ukraine… where there were pressures from both the sides. One pressure was also in taking oil. Secondly, how would India preside over the G-20, this was also a problem. The second example I will give is of Quad. These member countries India, America, Australia and Japan together want to do something. They wanted to do it in 2007 also. At that time due to pressure the work started, but it was abandoned midway. This time when we want to move ahead When we were there, there were pressures on us. Now we are seeing the war going on in West Asia… In Gaza, our relations with Israel are very good… This topic is a topic of terrorism… But even then there is an old position with Palestine… taking independent decisions in such a situation… that is, the decision had to be taken after thinking. Now it is also relevant… but your position is not one-sided… I would say these three-4 The example is our fourth marker… which represents our independent stand…”

Fifth marker-Corona period
The Foreign Minister said, “I would call the fifth marker Covid. The work we did in Vaccine Maitri was a marker. India delivered the vaccine to about 100 countries. There were some countries where there was no possibility that the vaccine would reach them. … There were some countries in which there was a lot of anger. The anger was that the developed countries had a lot of vaccines… but they were not ready to give them… India helped them. I was recently in Uganda. Even now, when it comes to India, the leaders will stand one after the other and say that this was the one country which was associated with us at the time of crisis. This country was India itself. I would say that it was really heart touching. ..The gratitude for the next 10 years is very positive for us in a way.”

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said, “India's foreign policy has completely changed in the Modi era. Our policy on Sri Lanka sent a message to the world. The world's perspective on India has changed. Big ideas for preparation for 25 years Global workplace and connectivity are such ideas which have changed the way the world looks at India.”

The Foreign Minister said that every country wants to change the situation according to its interests… China and India are both emerging powers… but our competition is not only with China. We are in competition with the world.

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