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New Delhi:

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has given a befitting reply to the countries raising questions on Indian democracy in an interview. S Jaishankar said, “We do not need anyone's certificate on the state of democracy in the country. People in the world will say something or the other. We do not need to listen all the time. Sometimes there is time to respond. If there are questions, India will answer.”

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Let us tell you that Canada, Maldives and Pakistan have raised questions on India's democratic system in different matters. India has responded to this on every occasion.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar spoke in detail on India's foreign policy in a special conversation with NDTV on Wednesday. He said, “International relations is a kind of politics. It is politics between countries. Today in the globalized world, our politics goes outside the country as well. Sometimes our own people also take it outside. Our Such things have been said about him, which are completely wrong as facts. But this also has to be tolerated.”

Regarding the countries criticizing India's democracy, S Jaishankar said, “When they feel that the election results in India are not as per their wish, then they criticize the election process. They blame the Election Commission and the court.” Yes. They raise questions on the voting rate. Meaning, if you have made up your mind to find faults, then you will definitely find arguments.”

The Foreign Minister said, “You talk about citizenship. Talk about the criteria of citizenship. Western countries say that religion and state should be separate. In them, we take oath by placing our hands on the Bible. We take oath on the Constitution. “Whatever such countries say…if there are questions, India will answer them.”

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