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Astronauts living in the International Space Station i.e. ISS have to face many challenges. During this time they also get many new experiences. People living on earth have always found it interesting to know about this. People wonder how astronauts eat food, drink water, bathe and go to the bathroom. Seeing this curiosity of people, many astronauts share videos from space. In these he explains how important work is done in space. So now let's watch their videos-

1. Exercising in space

Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shared a video a few years ago, which showed how astronauts lift 'weights'. He said, 'Weightlifting exercises in space and on Earth help us maintain bone density and strong muscles. It has to be lifted, it has to be pushed. And then the bones become stronger. In the video, he is shown exercising on the ISS and on Earth.

2. Shampooing in space

NASA shared a video of this astronaut washing his hair on YouTube. He wrote in the post, 'There are many challenges associated with living on the International Space Station. Things which are easy to do on Earth, where there is gravity, can be difficult in space. Astronauts who have been living on the space station for more than a decade have invented some methods that make these everyday tasks easier. Expedition 36 flight engineer Karen Nyberg shows how she washes and dries her hair in microgravity on the International Space Station.'

3. Sleeping in space

In this video from the Canadian Space Agency, Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how astronauts sleep in space. Hadfield said that due to gravity, astronauts can sleep anywhere without a mattress or pillow. However, astronauts have sleeping pods with sleeping bags attached to the wall.

4. Eating in space

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has shared several videos on social media during his stay on the ISS. In one of them he is shown eating bread with honey.

5. Bathroom in space

Going to the toilet is one of the basic needs of any human being. When astronauts are on spacecraft orbiting the Earth, how do they go to the bathroom? Astronaut Chris Cassidy has answered this question in a video shared by NASA.

So through these videos you must have seen what kind of life astronauts live in space.

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