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New Delhi:

After the announcement of the dates of Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the battle field has been set between the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the Congress-led INDIA Alliance. PM Narendra Modi has set a target of 400 seats for NDA and 370 seats for BJP alone in this election. To reach this goal, BJP and its allies are trying their best. At the same time, opposition parties have formed INDIA alliance to stop BJP from achieving the hat-trick of power. These parties had given a tough competition to BJP in 2019 also. However, where BJP and NDA have a face like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the same time, the opposition alliance is suffering from lack of leadership. In such a situation, the question is how much will PM Modi's popularity dominate this time in the Lok Sabha elections.

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In NDTV's special show 'Battleground', an attempt was made to find out the answers to these questions from the expert panel. Political analyst Amitabh Tiwari says, “No doubt the popularity of PM Modi will dominate this election. BJP has added the flavor of development politics to caste politics. Due to this, even in a casteist state like UP, there will be only 4 seats in the 2022 assembly elections. “Percentage of people voted on caste basis.”

Political analyst Amitabh Tiwari said, “If we talk about the beneficiaries of central and state schemes, according to the survey of Axis My India, the voting took place on the basis of about 33 percent (22 percent center and 11 percent state). Meaning. Voting has become quite complex. Every voter has a unique reason for voting. Voting is an emotional decision. It is not a rational (practical) decision. Why is a voter voting for a particular candidate and others? Why is the voter not voting?… There could also be a foolish decision behind this. Today's voting pattern is that the voter does not vote after seeing the face and background of the candidate of his constituency, but after seeing the face of PM Modi.”

Modi's guarantee outweighs Congress's guarantee
Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be full of confidence for his hat-trick as Prime Minister. He has made 'Modi's Guarantee' the main theme of his campaign. 'Modi's Guarantee' has also been explained in detail on Narendra Modi's website. It says that this is a guarantee for the development of youth, empowerment of women, welfare of farmers and all those marginalized and vulnerable people who were ignored for decades. On the other hand, Congress has raised questions on the tenure of 10 years of Modi government. The party has put forward its 5 'Nyaya' guarantees for the Lok Sabha elections, the aim of which is to ensure justice for youth, farmers, women and labourers. But PM Modi's guarantee seems to outweigh all this.

Focus will be on 5 states in elections
Lokniti's national convenor, educationist and election analyst Sandeep Shastri said, “In this election, I am focusing the most on 4 or 5 states of the country. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Karnataka… in these states. There may be some signs of change. The political development of these five states and the results there in the elections will decide how much majority the government will get. That is, the number of seats the party will win in these five states will decide the final number. It is coming. Out of these, UP, which has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats, has a huge craze for PM Modi.”

How big an issue is inflation in elections?
Inflation will also be a big issue in this election. Opposition parties included in the INDIA alliance, including Congress, have been raising the issue of unemployment and rising prices of essential commodities. However, BJP has also hit back citing employment growth and fast growing economy. PM Narendra Modi often talks about 'self-reliant India' and 'startups' in his speeches. BJP also attacks the guarantee schemes of Congress by raising the issue of freebies (revri culture). Academician and political analyst Dr. Manisha Priyam says, “Inflation is undoubtedly a big issue in elections. But it is a live issue in the economic field and a blunt issue in the political field.”

Maharashtra will play the role of a decisive state in the elections
Regarding the political situation in Maharashtra, Rohit Chandavarkar (Senior Journalist) says, “Of course, Maharashtra will play the role of a decisive state in the Lok Sabha elections. After 80 seats in UP, Maharashtra has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats (48). This time the entire Lok Sabha The results of elections can be predicted. But what will happen in Maharashtra cannot be predicted. The amount of uncertainty that is present in Maharashtra has never been seen in previous elections. Somewhere in the rural areas of Maharashtra, the caste factor is at play. “The issue of development is being discussed in urban areas. It does not indicate whether the issue of development will have more impact or the issue of caste will prove to be more effective.”

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