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Lok Sabha elections have been held on Varanasi seat 17 times so far. Out of these, Congress won 7 times. BJP captured the Lok Sabha seat only 7 times. This class plays an important role in the victory of any party in Varanasi, a seat dominated by Kurmi and OBC castes. Along with this, Brahmins, Bhumihars, Vaishyas and Muslims play a decisive role among the voters. This seat affects not only UP but many seats in Bihar.

“Every section benefited from the construction of the temple…”, said Mahant Raju Das of Hanumangarhi in NDTV Election Carnival.

PM Modi is contesting from here for the third time. In such a situation, what is BJP telling its voters in the streets of Banaras? In response to this, UP government minister Ravindra Jaiswal said, “Kashi is fortunate that PM Modi chose Varanasi for the third election. Today, due to the development plans of PM Modi, the economy of Kashi has become good. Every person has Income is increasing. Whether it is a businessman, a farmer or a rickshaw puller, or a person involved in tourism, the Centre's schemes are reaching everyone.”

Samajwadi Party and Congress are in alliance in UP to stop this victory chariot of BJP. Under the agreement, Congress has fielded Ajay Rai in Varanasi. Congress spokesperson Sanjeev Singh says, “Development is a continuous process. Pandit Kamlapati Tripathi used to be the CM here. He was also the Congress MP from Varanasi and was also the national president of the Congress. You see this development. Here Thakur Raghunath Singh used to be here. All this happened during the time of Congress. Not a single such factory was given to Varanasi.

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Sanjeev Singh says, “The Manmohan Singh government had given the status of IIT to IT in Varanasi. The Modi government did not give an institute which was at par with Banaras Hindu University. The trauma center for which the PM came to cut the ribbon was also The work was done during the UPA government. Congress has given development.”

In response to this, UP government minister Ravindra Jaiswal said, “When there was no BJP government, there was more pollution in the Ganga. There was difficulty even in taking a dip. Today, if lakhs and crores of people are going into the Ganga, then development The public itself is the proof of whether it has happened or not.”

Samajwadi Party's Metropolitan President Dilip Dey says, “Earlier people used to come to Kashi to attain salvation. Today the situation is such that NGT has imposed penalty for drain water going into Ganga. No work has been done in Kashi. Development There has been destruction in Banaras in the name of.”

During the programme, voters were asked about election issues. A voter said, “At this time, the central government has made changes in the labor laws. They brought three labor laws. Under this, they gave the provision of fixed term employment. My question to the central government is why everyone is not getting work.” In response to this, UP government minister Ravindra Jaiswal said, “There is neither lack of work nor lack of quality in Varanasi. Anyone who has no qualification after that is useless and will remain useless.”

Another voter has described the traffic that remains stuck for hours in the city as an issue. Besides, in many areas, voters also consider water problems and employment as election issues.

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BJP's Ravindra Jaiswal claims that this time too the voters of Banaras are with BJP and PM Modi. Whereas Samajwadi Party's Metropolitan President Dilip Dey says that the direction of the wind says that the SP-Congress alliance will win here. Congress spokesperson Sanjay Seth says, “Voters do not like phrases. We will not give them phrases. We will give development.”

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