Maldives got into a bad situation by picking a fight with India! Now seeking such help from Sri Lanka – Maldives seek medical evacuation support from Sri Lanka amid diplomatic tension with India tlifwr theinsiderinsight

Due to the dispute with India, Maldives' tourism has not only suffered huge losses but it has also suffered a major setback in the medical sector. People of Maldives used to come to India in large numbers for treatment but after the diplomatic dispute with India, Maldives has now sought help from Sri Lanka. Maldives' Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Mohammad Amin met his Sri Lankan counterpart Nimal Siripala de Silva on Tuesday in this regard.

In a post made on social media platform X, the Maldives minister said that the meeting between the two leaders took place on Tuesday. He wrote, 'Sri Lanka has agreed to help Maldives in medical evacuation.' This means that if someone in Maldives needs emergency treatment, he can be immediately airlifted and brought to Sri Lanka for treatment.

Mohammad Amin wrote, 'We have agreed to create a framework for immediate clearance of urgent needs, especially medical evacuation flights between Maldives and Sri Lanka.'

Speaking to The Hindu in this regard, Sri Lanka's Transport and Civil Aviation Minister D'Silva said on Wednesday, 'Maldives will use only its air ambulance for this work… We will help Maldives in this work and in Sri Lanka We will make the process easier for people coming for emergency medical treatment.

India and Sri Lanka are among the closest neighbors of Maldives. Maldives and Sri Lanka have had close relations and Maldives' tensions with India have forced Maldives to come closer to Sri Lanka.

The news of Maldives taking forward cooperation in the medical sector with Sri Lanka comes at a time when Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu is trying to diversify the medical needs of his country. Many people from Maldives come to India for cheap and good treatment and in view of the ongoing tension with India, Muizzu wants to diversify it. In view of this, in the month of December last year, the Muizzu government had announced air ambulance service.

The air ambulance service will start functioning from the beginning of March 2024 and through this people can be taken to Thailand for treatment.

Maldivian teenager died due to lack of emergency evacuation

Proper treatment of many serious diseases is not available in Maldives due to which there is a dire need of air ambulance. In January this year, a teenager was to be taken abroad for emergency medical treatment but there was a delay due to which the teenager died.

Indian soldiers present in Maldives help in emergency

India has two Navy choppers and one Dornier aircraft in Maldives, which have so far carried out more than 600 medical evacuations. According to information received from official sources of Maldives, Indian choppers and aircraft have also been taking part in search and rescue operations in Maldives. There are about 80 Indian soldiers present in Maldives who carry out these tasks.

But Maldivian President Muizzoo has come to power on the agenda of 'India Out' and he is adamant on the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives. He has given an ultimatum of March 15 for the withdrawal of Indian troops.

India is the favorite medical destination of the people of Maldives

India is the favorite medical destination of the people of Maldives and every year thousands of people come to India for treatment. A decade ago the government of Maldives launched Aa Sandha, a universal health insurance. Dozens of hospitals in India were also included in this insurance to provide complete treatment to the people of Maldives.

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