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New Delhi:

All the parties have given their full strength regarding the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 in the country. BJP has set the target of Mission 370 for the party in this election. Also, a target of 400 has been set for NDA. BJP has already won maximum seats in many states of North India. In such a situation, the states of South India including Tamil Nadu are considered very important to increase the numbers. In Tamil Nadu, BJP is in the electoral fray in alliance with 3 parties including PMK.

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Why is BJP's entry considered important in Tamil Nadu?
Till now, there was a competition between two alliances in the politics of Tamil Nadu. There used to be a contest between DMK and AIDMK and one party would win. For the first time, BJP is in the fray by forming a strong alliance. BJP's entry is also considered important because for the first time a party has challenged the divided politics prevailing in Tamil Nadu.

Lokniti's national convener and election data analyst Sandeep Shastri said, “I consider Tamil Nadu important in the elections for many reasons. There is a contest between two alliances here. The first alliance is DMK-Congress and the second is BJP-PMK. Of course, PMK is a small alliance. There is a party, but by taking it along, BJP's vote share can increase. Sandeep Shastri said that this time BJP may not be the third force in Tamil Nadu, but it is definitely becoming a separate force.

What has been the hold of BJP in Tamil Nadu politics?
In Tamil Nadu politics, BJP has been contesting elections in alliance with AIADMK for a long time. Till now BJP used to enter the field only in alliance with AIADMK. BJP got 6 percent votes in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Whereas in the 2019 elections, the party got only 4 percent votes. BJP has always had 2-5 percent votes in Tamil Nadu. Even in the 2004 elections, BJP had got 5 percent votes whereas in 2009 it had got 2 percent votes. However, there has been huge crowd in PM Modi's meetings in Tamil Nadu.

BJP had won 4 seats in 1999 elections.
In Tamil Nadu, BJP did not win a single seat in the 1996 elections, but in the 1998 elections, the party won 3 seats. Whereas in the 1999 elections, BJP had won 4 seats. However, in these elections BJP had an alliance with AIADMK. In the 2019 elections, BJP did not win any seat, although there were 5 seats where BJP candidates got more than 10 percent votes.

Annamalai's popularity has increased
Coimbatore is a traditionally strong area of ​​BJP. Gounder community is the strongest in South Tamil Nadu. The leader of this community is Palaniswami. BJP state president Annamalai also comes from this community. Annamalai is a flamboyant leader and was also given ticket from Coimbatore. He is famous on social media and is also getting a lot of support from the Gounder youth. There is a wave for Annamalai among first time voters also.

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