PM Narendra Modi Extremely Tight Work Schedule S Jaishankar Explains How Its Like To Work With Him – Foreign Minister told how he keeps himself fit? Said- 4-5 days leave is not possible in Modi government theinsiderinsight

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi works 18 hours daily. His day starts at 5 in the morning. The PM also monitors every work of his ministers. Political analysts call PM Modi's way of working as corporate style. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had shared the busy schedule of PM Narendra Modi some time ago. Now in a special interview with NDTV, S Jaishankar has shared his experience of working with PM Modi. Along with this, he has told how he takes care of his fitness even in his busy schedule.

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How does the Foreign Minister, who works in a busy schedule with PM Modi, manage holidays? In response to this question, S Jaishankar smiled and said, “Going on holidays for a week or two weeks… this is not possible in the Modi government.” He said, “We knew this from the beginning. This situation is not just for ministers. Even when I was secretary, it was not possible to take leave for many days. So you have to find different ways to handle things.”

S Jaishankar said, “Sometimes people tell me, 'I saw you on TV. You looked tired.' So what should I say? If you are traveling by air for a long time, you will look tired, right?”

It is also important to take a break – Foreign Minister
Amidst his busy schedule, does the External Affairs Minister find time to play golf? In response to this, S Jaishankar said smilingly, “I do not play golf.” Jaishankar further says, “In a way, it is generally believed that diplomats would play golf etc. to refresh themselves. I believe that you have to find different ways to take a break. Because we are humans, not machines. Are.”

The External Affairs Minister said, “We have to remain physically fit. I go abroad at least 30-40 times a year. Forget other things. You need fitness. You land from the flight and the next day you have to land again. Have to travel to another country, so it is important to stay fit.”

I play squash or badminton- Jaishankar
During the interview, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar told how he keeps himself fit. He said, “I play squash or badminton for at least an hour every morning. If I can't stretch, I at least do something that keeps me fit. I listen to music. Read books. I “I have always been interested in the world. That's why I joined the Foreign Service. Traveling also gives us peace in a way. Besides, you get to know different things about different countries. Overall, knowledge increases.”

India's foreign policy changed in 10 years
S Jaishankar said that India's foreign policy has completely changed in the last 10 years under the leadership of PM Modi. The world's perspective on India has changed. India has now reached a different league. 25 years of preparation requires big ideas. Global workplace and connectivity are such ideas.

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