Russia Gunmen Opened Fire On The Crowd In A Moscow Concert Hall 40 Killed – Russia: Gunmen opened fire on the crowd in a Moscow concert hall, 40 killed, many trapped in the building theinsiderinsight


According to Russia's government news agency RIA Novosti, several gunmen opened fire on the crowd at a function in Moscow. There is news of death of 40 people in this attack.

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According to the report of Russia's public broadcast Russia Today, 40 people have died in this terrorist attack, and more than 100 people have been injured. More than 100 people have been saved.

Russian news agencies quoted emergency services as saying that there was a shooting at a large concert hall near Moscow on Friday. Many people are trapped in the burning building.

It is said that three people have opened fire at the Crocus City Hall. Police has reached the spot. Video footage published on Russian social media channels shows a massive fire in the building. In this, a large crowd of concert goers are trying to escape from the hall, the sound of gunshots is also coming from there.

In other video footage, many people are seen lying unconscious outside the hall, soaked in blood. The White House says there is no indication at this time that Ukraine is involved in the attack on the Moscow concert hall.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said it was a “terrorist attack”. The US President described the attack as “terrible”. But said there was no immediate sign of anything related to war in Ukraine.

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