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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the grand finale stage of India Today Conclave 2024. During this, the Prime Minister enumerated the achievements of his government and told how his government is moving forward with the goal of a developed India. He said that I am not preparing for 2029 but for 2047 (the goal of developed India). The special features of PM's address at the Conclave were that he mentioned Aaj Tak's show 'So Sorry' and the survey program 'MOTN: Mood of The Nation'. He had put forward the names of these two programs as lines from his speech.

PM Narendra Modi said on Saturday that, 'While the entire world is trapped in the whirlpool of uncertainty, there is a clear feeling that India will continue to develop at a fast pace. He was addressing from the stage of India Today Conclave 2024. During this, he said that 'today the mood of the nation is for building a developed India.' Let us tell you that 'Mood of the Nation' is a survey conducted by Aaj Tak. Through this survey, it presents a blueprint of what is the attitude of the citizens towards the government and it in the country, and what are the people thinking about their leaders and political parties.

Apart from this he also mentioned the show So Sorry.

10 big things from PM Modi's speech
1. Old laws abolished: PM Modi
'In the last 10 years, more than 1500 old laws have been abolished, many of these laws were made during the British era, there should be no government pressure or deprivation in people's lives.

2. The mood of the country to build a developed India
'While the entire world is trapped in a whirlpool of uncertainty, there is a clear feeling that India will continue to develop at a fast pace. Today the mood of the nation is for building a developed India.

3. Mention of Startup
Referring to startups, PM Modi said, 'Till 10 years ago there were only a few hundred startups and today there are around 1.25 lakh registered startups, but India's startup revolution was not known only for this. Startup means having startups in Bengaluru 600 districts, that is, the youth of Tier 2 and 3 cities are leading the startup revolution. The youth of small towns gave new impetus to India's startup revolution.

4. Street vendors benefited from PM Swanidhi: PM Modi
Through PM Swanidhi scheme, street vendors have got cheap and easy loans without any guarantee. The reason behind this is that in my life experience, I have seen the richness of the poor and also the poverty of the rich. My dream was to help the street vendors.

5. Mention of Ayushman Bharat Scheme
PM Modi said, 'You must have heard about Ayushman Bharat scheme. You must have heard in villages that Ayushman Arogya Mandir. We have built more than 1.5 lakh Ayushman Arogya Mandirs in the villages of the country. All the problems of some people will get stuck in this temple. This is not my problem. This work is going on continuously but it does not make headlines. In these temples, not only general tests are done but also preliminary screening of diseases like diabetes and cancer is done. We are taking this service to the rural poor of the country.

6. Said this on the Ministry of Cooperation
PM Modi said, 'Referring to the Cooperative Ministry, PM Modi said, this ministry started the world's largest storage scheme. 2 lakh new warehouses will be built, the benefit to the farmer will be that he can keep his goods in the warehouse and on the day the market is strong, he will be able to sell his goods and he will get profit.

7. PM also spoke on ease of living
PM Modi said, 'During the previous government, you would not have heard words like ease of living. Those who were capable in that era became the biggest beneficiaries of the facilities… Who was stuck in the middle was the common citizen of the country who is reflected in the cartoons of RK Laxman. Our government also kept the ease of living of the common man as a priority. Earlier, if a passport had to be made, it took an average of fifty days. Today, on an average, a passport reaches your home in 5-6 days.

8. What did PM say on tax?
PM Modi said, 'In 2014, income tax had to be paid on an annual income of Rs 2 lakh, today a person earning an annual income of Rs 7 lakh does not have to pay tax of even a single rupee. Among the steps taken by our government, the country's Citizens are left with Rs 2.5 lakh crore. You can imagine that in the last 10 years, discounts worth lakhs of crores were given on railway tickets.

9. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is also beneficial
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has also been helpful in saving money of the poor and middle class. It is saving Rs 60 thousand crores every year for the poor. ,

10. Resolve ahead of dreams: PM Modi
PM Modi said, 'This is election time. Our opposition colleagues have also spoken about weaving dreams on paper. Modi moves beyond dreams with determination, I can say with certainty that the coming five years will make India the third largest economic power in the world. The coming five years will give a new direction to India's infrastructure.. In the coming five years you will see new heights in India's defense sector, in the coming five years you will see a revolution in the field of semiconductor in India.. With the aim of achieving these resolutions. I have already worked for this a long time ago.

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