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Weight Gain: How to drink milk to increase weight.

Kala Chana With Milk Benefits: We all know how beneficial gram is considered for health. You might have eaten soaked gram, sprouted gram, roasted gram, but have you ever eaten gram soaked in milk? Yes, you heard it right. Consumption of gram soaked in milk is considered very beneficial for health. Actually, properties like fiber, calcium, protein, vitamins, minerals iron and magnesium are found in gram, which are helpful in providing many benefits to the body. So milk is called a storehouse of nutrition. Consuming a glass of milk daily can help in protecting the body from many problems. Not only this, if you want to increase the mass in your body i.e. want to increase weight, then consuming gram soaked in milk can be beneficial. You can consume it to increase weight rapidly. So let us know other benefits of eating gram soaked in milk-

Benefits of eating gram soaked in milk – (Kala Chana With Milk Benefits In Hindi)

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1. Weight gain-

Eating gram soaked in milk helps you in weight management. If you want to increase weight then wash gram and soak it in milk at night. Then next morning, filter this milk and drink it and also eat soaked gram. Doing this can help in increasing weight rapidly.

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2. Hair-

Put gram in milk and leave it overnight, then filter the milk in the morning and drink it and eat gram along with it. This can help in keeping hair healthy.

3. Energy-

If you feel lack of energy then consuming gram soaked in milk can be beneficial for you. By consuming this milk in the morning, energy remains in the body throughout the day.

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