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Guidelines for making use of Bhog: There is just one place on this world the place man will get probably the most peace and that’s the temple. Sure! The peace and tranquility one will get in a temple is hardly discovered wherever else, as a result of that is the place the place man talks to God and shares his sorrows and happiness with him. Individuals have unwavering religion in God, each Hindu has a small temple in his home, the place he worships and prays to God by lighting a diya within the morning and night, and likewise presents bhog, however have you learnt that the bhog provided to God is just not stored within the temple for lengthy, sure! Allow us to let you know the rationale for this.

Don’t hold the choices within the temple for a very long time

Throughout worship, meals is certainly provided to God. The God who likes the meals is obtainable as Prasad throughout worship. Actually, the Prasad provided within the largest temples is straight away distributed among the many devotees. However when folks supply some Prasad to God at house, it stays there until night. However allow us to let you know that the Prasad needs to be eliminated instantly after providing it to God as a result of the Prasad stored within the temple for a very long time turns into impure.

Know why Prasad shouldn’t be stored within the temple for a very long time

There’s a particular purpose why Prasad shouldn’t be stored within the temple for a very long time, it’s stated that if Prasad is stored within the temple for a very long time, destructive powers like Chandali, Chandeshwar and Chandashu enter it, which makes the Prasad impure. For that reason, after providing it within the temple, Prasad needs to be faraway from there Quarter-hour later and distributed to everybody.

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The precise rule for providing meals

In Hinduism, it’s stated that no worship is full with out bhog, that’s the reason it’s obligatory to supply bhog to God. There are some particular guidelines for providing bhog to God, which pleases God. Sure! Everytime you supply bhog to God, chant the mantra 'Tvadiyam vastu Govind tubhyameva samarpaye. Grihaan samukho bhutva prasid parameshwar' throughout that point. Additionally, hold the prasad in entrance of God for 10-Quarter-hour after which distribute it, it’s stated that the extra folks the prasad is distributed to, the extra advantage is gained.

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