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IPL 2024, Dog In Narendra Modi Stadium: The match was played between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians on Sunday (24 March) at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Some videos had surfaced from this match, where a dog was seen in the field. In many videos, ground security personnel were seen running after the dog to catch it. During this time, the security personnel are also seen misbehaving with the dog, which has now created an uproar.

Now animal activists have raised their voice on this issue and have demanded a fine on the security personnel. On behalf of the animal activist, it was said that if arrest cannot be made in the case, then at least a fine should be imposed. In some videos that have gone viral, it can be clearly seen that while chasing the dog, the security personnel are trying to kick the dog, which is not right in any way. The security guard also tried to hit the dog with his punch and kick. It can be seen in the video that the dog is seen running continuously.

Regarding this incident, PETA India said that they strongly condemn chasing, kicking and punching a dog that has lost its way. It was further said that the dog entered the field by mistake and was probably scared after seeing so many people. Such an incident not only causes indecency with an innocent dog but is also a tragic incident.

It was further said that if people cannot be arrested in this case then they must be fined and the stadium authorities should adopt humane methods to deal with such incidents and such incidents can be prevented in future.

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