IPL 2024 group stage update teams in same group will face each other once and opposite twice no Dhoni Kohli again theinsiderinsight

Dhoni vs Kohli In IPL 2024: The first match of IPL 2024 was played between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The match entertained the fans a lot. You might be thinking that there will be another war between the two, but it will not happen. Now there will be no second war between Dhoni and Kohli in this season of IPL. Actually, this time 10 teams were divided into two groups, one group being 'A' and the other being 'B'.

The teams of Chennai and Bengaluru are present in Group 'B'. In the tournament, the teams present in the same group will play only one match against each other, while the teams present in the opposite group will play 2-2 matches against each other. In such a situation, it can be disappointing for the fans. Although a clash between RCB and CSK can be seen in the playoffs, but both will not come face to face in the group stage.

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