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Pakistan Cricket: It is not surprising that a new problem emerges every day in Pakistan. Now a surprising fact related to Pakistan cricket team has come to light. Young cricketer Naseem Shah has made a big revelation while mentioning the feeling of insecurity in the cricket team. Let us remind you that Naseem Shah could not be a part of the ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 last year due to a shoulder injury. Now he has told that due to the fear of losing his place in the team, senior players do not even want to take a break to rest their body.

There is an atmosphere of fear in Pakistan cricket team

Naseem Shah made a big disclosure and said, “To be honest, senior players know that their body needs rest, yet they are afraid to do so. The circumstances in the Pakistani team are such that if a new player comes and takes a Or if he does well in two matches, then he can take your place permanently. This atmosphere of fear is stopping the players from taking rest because they fear that taking a break may end their career here.”

Naseem Shah also told that if a player says that he needs rest and is not feeling fully fit, then his loyalty towards the team starts being questioned. According to Naseem, the physio, bowling coach and trainer should decide how many matches each player should play in the series.

Naseem Shah has returned to PSL

Naseem Shah has returned to the field after recovering from injury and is playing for Islamabad United in PSL 2024. Naseem has taken 15 wickets while playing 10 matches so far this season and the special thing is that his team has reached the finals. The final of PSL 2024 will be played in Karachi between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United on 18 March.

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