Billionaire Gujarat Businessman Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari Donated Property Worth Rs 200 Crore To Become Monk theinsiderinsight

Sanyasi becomes billionaire of Gujarat, donates property worth Rs 200 crores.

Who is Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari: You must have heard many stories and anecdotes related to renouncing attachment, but very few have seen this happening in reality. Today we are going to tell you about one such billionaire, who has turned such stories related to life into reality. Actually, a businessman from Gujarat has decided to leave the illusion of wealth and comforts worth crores and become a monk. This is the reason why these days they are popular on social media and everyone is talking about them.

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Children have already become monks

Hearing this decision of the businessman, everyone wants to know that why does this businessman want to become a monk leaving behind the comforts and luxuries for which a person works day and night. Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari of Gujarat has created a stir on the internet these days. Let us tell you that Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari has decided to take retirement along with his wife. You will be surprised to know but to take retirement the family has donated property worth Rs 200 crore. Let us tell you that businessman Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari had a construction business. You will be surprised to know but Bhavesh Bhai's children have already retired.

Decision to take initiation into Jainism

These days, the story of billionaire businessman Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari, resident of Himmatnagar, Gujarat, which is viral on social media platforms, remains inspiring to the people. It is being claimed in the news that Bhavesh Bhandari and his wife have decided to take initiation in Jainism. Taking initiation in Jainism means taking Sannyasa i.e. moving away from the material world. Let us tell you that in the year 2022, his 16 year old son and 19 year old daughter had retired. Inspired by the choices of their children, Bhavesh Bhai and his wife have decided to do the same. It is being told that, on April 22, he will formally move forward to live a life of renunciation at Himmatnagar Riverfront.

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