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The Ministry of External Affairs has issued an advisory for its citizens in view of the possibility of war between Iran and Israel.

New Delhi:

India has issued a travel advisory for Iran and Israel (Iran-Israel Conflict). Indians have been advised not to visit these two countries until further notice. Also, Indians who are in Israel or Iran have been asked to contact the embassy and register themselves. Apart from this, they have also been requested to take utmost care regarding their safety and limit their activities to the minimum.

America and its allies have full apprehension that Iran or organizations working in cooperation and support of Iran will attack Israel. Earlier, information had come quoting intelligence sources that the attack could take place on or before Eid. But now it is being said that this can happen in the next few days.

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It is also being said that it is not necessary that the attack should be carried out from the northern side of Israel, i.e. from Lebanon, from where Iran's proxy Hezbollah has been continuously attacking Israel. This can happen from some other side also. In the attack, missiles that hit the target directly can be used or many drones can be fired simultaneously.

After the attack on its Consulate in Syria's capital Damascus on April 1, Iran had clearly said that it will give a befitting reply to Israel for this. But when and how will he do this? He will decide this as per his own convenience. Seven Iranian citizens, including three senior military commanders, were killed in the Damascus attack. Among them, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who was the former commander of the Ground and Air Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, also died. He was playing an important role in coordination with Iran's proxies in Syria and Lebanon.

Keeping this apprehension in mind, India has issued an advisory for its citizens living in these two countries or thinking of going there. With the arrival of this advisory issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, it can be understood that Iran and Israel have now reached the peak point of conflict.

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