Exclusive: 'Do you want me to answer Kangana Ranaut's nonsense', said Priyanka Gandhi in Saharanpur – Priyanka Gandhi on Kangana Ranaut and says We worship truth they are worshipers of power Priyanka Gandhi attacks on PM Modi ntc theinsiderinsight

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi today held a roadshow in Saharanpur, UP and sought votes for the Congress candidate. During this, while talking to Aaj Tak, he fiercely attacked the central government. He said that the government should not teach us what patriotism is, people in our family have been martyred and know very well what real religion is.

Describing the central government as a worshiper of power, Priyanka Gandhi said, 'We do not worship power, but power and truth. Those who are in power today are not worshipers of power but of power. A real Ram devotee is one who walks on the path of truth, no matter what religion or religion he belongs to.

Kangana's statement was called nonsense

On Kangana Ranaut's statement on Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi said, 'We are very thankful that she is speaking about us, but do you want me to answer Kangana Ranaut's nonsense?… To Sonia ji. Abuses have been going on since my father was alive. On Modi's guarantee, Priyanka Gandhi said, 'Modi ji had guaranteed that Rs 15 lakh will come to every account. Did you come? PM Modi had said that 2 crore jobs will be provided, did we get it?

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Why did the government not increase employment – ​​Priyanka

Attacking the government on the issue of employment and inflation, Priyanka Gandhi said, 'Modi ji is not able to see that the poor, common man, farmers and youth of the country are not visible who are suffering because inflation is sky high. He himself says that Modi ji is the biggest leader in the whole world, he has immense power, if he has so much power then why did he not increase employment in 10 years, why did he not reduce inflation. Why did he not work for the welfare of the people? Did?'

we will continue to serve

On the question of PM Modi calling Congress anti-Sanatan, Priyanka Gandhi said, 'I want to ask Modi ji that who has abused Sanatan in Congress? Be it about our family or the party, their attacks are always the same and it is false. Our patriotism has been attacked, people in our family have been martyred, when you bring the dead body of your martyr home then you realize what patriotism is, you question that patriotism. We are told that we are corrupt, we are not religious. I want to say that no matter what is said about us, we will continue to serve, whether they expel us from Parliament, take our houses, accuse us, file cases against us, call us corrupt but we will continue to serve. ,

Priyanka said- Modi ji should not speak about Indira ji.

On PM Modi's statement on Indira Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi said, 'Modi ji should not speak about Indira ji, we know what her religion was, the religion of this country is the religion of patriotism. It was his religion to be martyred for the country. No one has the right to question her, no one has the right to say whether she wore Rudraksha or not. She believed in Hindu religion, we believe in it, Congress party believes in it and Mahatma Gandhi believed in it and our movement was carried out on the basis of that religion. That was the religion of truth.

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