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How to blacken white hair: Mehndi is used extensively to blacken white hair.

how to make white hair black naturally: The problem of premature graying of hair has become very common. Nowadays, many people are troubled by white hair and to hide it, they get their hair colored from time to time. It would not be wrong to say that hair adds to your personality. Everyone wants their hair to be black, long and thick. In today's lifestyle, hair becomes weak, which leads to hair fall and the problem of graying of hair at an early age is increasing. Due to unhealthy diet and bad lifestyle, our hair gets affected the most. Mehndi is used a lot by people nowadays to turn white hair black. Hair color after applying henna is temporary. Its color gradually fades. Therefore, today we are telling you about some such methods with the help of which you can maintain the color of henna on your hair for a long time and keep your hair black.

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How to make mehendi color last on hair for a long time? , How to make mehendi color last on hair for a long time?

Tie and color your hair: After applying henna, protect your hair from external influences by tying it. After applying henna, keep your hair tied for at least 6-8 hours.

Do not wash with hot water: Never wash with hot water after applying henna. Using hot water may cause the color of mehendi to fade.

Remove henna gently: To remove henna from hair, remove it gently when you bathe. Do not rub the hair vigorously so that the color of the henna remains.

apply oil to hair: After removing henna, apply oil to the hair. The oil provides thickness and shine to the hair and also maintains the color of the henna.

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Special care for gray hair: If your hair is white, you can use lemon or coriander paste to maintain the color of mehendi. With this your hair color will remain black and beautiful.

By following these methods you can keep your white hair black and shiny. This can help keep your hair color black for a longer period of time.

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