If The Sydney Attacker Was Not Killed, He Would Not Have Stopped, He Was Enjoying Killing: Eyewitnesses Described The Horrifying Scene – If The Sydney Attacker Was Not Killed, He Would Not Have Stopped, He Was Enjoying Killing: Eyewitnesses Described The Horrifying Scene theinsiderinsight

Six people have died so far in the massacre.

On Saturday, everything was going on like normal at Sydney Mall Stabbings in Sydney, Australia. People were enjoying shopping. Suddenly an attacker came with a big knife and started stabbing people indiscriminately. He did not spare even children and women. The attacker did not spare even the nine-month-old child and his mother who was holding him in her lap and stabbed him. Six people have died so far in this massacre. The attacker has been killed by the police. When eyewitnesses told about this horrific murder and the attacker, people's hearts were shaken.

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“People were running”
Reese Colmenares, a witness to the incident at Sydney's Stuffield Bondi Junction mall on Saturday, told news agency Reuters that the mother of the nine-month-old baby was still holding the baby in her arms when he was being taken in the ambulance. Colmenares was one of 20 people who hid in a nearby hardware store after seeing people screaming and running out of the Westfield Bondi Junction mall complex. “It was scary. There were little children, young people and old people sitting in wheelchairs everywhere,” he said.

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wore a rugby league jersey
Pranjul Bokariya was returning from work when the massacre started. As soon as the police surrounded the area, there was chaos and people ran away to save their lives. Some hid inside nearby shops. She escaped using the emergency exit and took shelter in a back room. “I am alive and grateful,” he told AFP news agency. CCTV cameras installed inside the mall show a man wearing an Australian rugby league jersey running around the shopping center with a large knife, while injured people lie lifeless on the floor. “I saw the whole incident unfold in front of me. I saw the man running with a knife and people running for their lives,” a cafe employee inside the shopping center told AFP news agency. Twenty minutes after people came out of the mall, police entered the scene and started searching the area to trace the attacker.

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“He doesn't stop”
A witness saw a police officer shoot the attacker. He said, “If she had not shot him, he would have killed more people. He was furious. He had a knife with a big blade. It looked like he was planning to kill. People were stabbing others as they ran away.” Shopkeepers gathered inside the shops waiting for this nightmare to end. After some time the shopping complex was filled with police and ambulances ready to take the injured to the hospital.

not a terrorist attack
New South Wales police did not identify the attacker but said he was a 40-year-old man. Eight people were hospitalized across Sydney, including a child. In total, the man killed five women and one man. “Tragically, many casualties have been reported and the first thoughts of all Australians are with those affected and their loved ones,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wrote on Twitter. Police have denied that the attack was an act of terrorism and said the man carried out the attack alone.

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