Lok Sabha Election 2024 NDTV Election Carnival Migrant Vs Brijwasi Issue In Mathura Hema Malini – NDTV Election Carnival: Migrant Vs Brijwasi challenge in front of Hema Malini in Mathura, Yamuna's filth and monkeys also issue theinsiderinsight

Mathura (Uttar Pradesh):

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Special program of NDTV network regarding 'NDTV Election Carnival' Reached Mathura in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday via Delhi, Haridwar and Meerut. BJP has once again fielded two-time MP Hema Malini from Mathura. On the issue of opposition's Brijvasi versus migrants, BJP said that they do not have any local issue, that is why they talk like this.

The BJP leader participating in 'NDTV Election Carnival' said that everyone coming to Brij area is a Brij resident, that is why this issue does not matter. The opposition leader said that Hema Malini wins the election by contesting from Mathura, but lives in Mumbai. People want such a leader whom they can meet whenever they want regarding their problems. He has not done any work in Mathura in the last ten years. Does BJP not have any local leader?

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Congress says that there are many local issues in Mathura, on which no work has been done. Cleaning of Yamuna is the biggest issue here. Besides, the local people are also troubled by no entry and monkey menace at various places in the city. Whatever work has been done here is the contribution of the previous governments.

The local people present in the program also enumerated their issues regarding voting. Someone said that MP Hema Malini has not done any work in the last ten years, while someone said that she exercises her franchise considering the issue of nationalism. Some people seemed satisfied with the work of the state government and the central government. At the same time, some people were angry with the administration regarding the dirt in Yamuna, jam in the city and monkey menace.

'NDTV Election Carnival' will cover a distance of 5000 kilometers

Covering a distance of 5000 kilometres, 'NDTV Election Carnival' will pass through 34 major cities of 34 Lok Sabha constituencies. NDTV Network has taken this initiative with the aim of connecting with citizens and promoting awareness before the Lok Sabha elections. NDTV Election Carnival is a traveling studio, which will pass through 34 cities of New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

NDTV Network has designed this platform to connect with the public. This will help in understanding the issues related to local leaders and their communities. Politicians from all sectors will have meaningful discussions with NDTV anchors, which will provide voters a better understanding of their voting rights in the electoral environment.

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