NDTV Election Carnival: BJP's Claim 400 Seats In Lok Sabha Elections, Congress-SP Say – There Will Be Shocking Results – NDTV Election Carnival: BJP's Claim Crosses 400, Congress-SP Say – There Will Be Shocking Results theinsiderinsight

BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said that elections are a celebration of democracy. BJP workers are ready with full strength in this festival of democracy. We have resolved that for the third time the Modi government will cross 400 this time. He said that all the seats in Uttar Pradesh will go to Narendra Modi and the entire opposition will become zero in Uttar Pradesh.

Attacking Congress and Samajwadi Party, he said that now the sound of Damru and Bam-Bam is being heard, but there was a time when the sound of bombs exploding was being heard. He said that no bomb blast is taking place anywhere today. There is no terrorist incident happening anywhere.

No one can play with Katta-Dupatta: Tripathi

He said that there is no possibility of Samajwadi Party winning even a single seat. He said that today no one can play with a scarf and a scarf.

Samajwadi Party spokesperson Manoj Kaka said that the Narendra Modi government that came in 2014 is not on the ideology of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, nor on the ideology of equality nor on the ideology of the Constitution. He alleged that the Modi government is based on the ideology of anarchy and arrogance. He said, “From 2014 to 2024, from Goa to Manipur, where the mandate was against them, 9 governments were bought with money orders. He said that now everyone has resolved that this time there will be a crushing defeat of BJP.

Issues are more effective than personality in this election: Surendra Rajput

Whereas Congress spokesperson Surendra Rajput said that India Blog is contesting the elections together. He said that in this election, issues are more effective than personalities. He said that one crore children are on the streets and are suffering the brunt of paper leaks. He said that to divert the topic, BJP is giving 400-plus slogans, but this time it is certain that they will face a crushing defeat.

Awadhi songs made voters aware

During the program, Deepak Singh mesmerized the people present through his Awadhi songs. He also made voters aware through his songs. He also said that Awadh and music cannot be separated.

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