Palestinians challenge Israeli army, are returning home amid air strikes – philistine people challenge israel defense force return to their home in Gaza strip Benjamin Netanyahu opnm2 theinsiderinsight

The war that has been going on in Gaza for the last 6 months is not ending. Meanwhile, millions of people taking shelter in central Gaza have started returning to northern Gaza, challenging the Israeli army. Israeli army missile attacks and bombardment are still continuing in war-torn Gaza. Despite this, Palestinians are not afraid to return to their homes.

Palestinians are returning to northern Gaza even as the Israeli army is continuously bombing the area. Returning people say that the condition of people in central Gaza is bad. There is a huge food crisis there. Because of this, those people are forced to return to their homes. More than 33 thousand people have died so far in Gaza. 23 lakh people have been displaced.

On the other hand, thousands of people have once again taken to the streets demanding the resignation of Israel's Netanyahu government. People protesting in Tel Aviv claimed that the current government has completely failed to deal with the country's problems. In such a situation, there is a need for new leadership in Israel. People say that they have not been able to recover from the Gaza crisis yet, Iran has started attacking.

The wave of massive protests against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet is not stopping. Thousands of protesters in Tel Aviv on Saturday demanded that Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately resign and hold general elections. Along with this, many are demanding that a deal should be made as soon as possible for the release of Israelis held hostage in Gaza.

Family members and friends of hostages fear that if the war drags on without a deal, more hostages will be killed. According to news agency Reuters, demonstrations have been taking place for the last one year against Prime Minister Netanyahu who is surrounded by corruption allegations. After the Hamas attack, the demonstration stopped for a few months. But Israeli people have once again started taking to the streets.

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