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PM Modi targeted Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has targeted the INDIA alliance of Congress and opposition parties regarding the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. PM Modi also gave big advice to Congress for failing to fulfill the promises made to the public. He said that political leaders need to take responsibility for the statements made in front of the people. He said, “We should remember that in our country there is a tradition of 'life may die but words should not die'.”

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In a special interview given to news agency ANI, PM Modi said, “I feel that political leadership is becoming suspicious. In such a situation, we should remember that in our country there is a tradition of 'life may go but words may not go'. That is, Even if you lose your life, your promise should not remain unfulfilled. I believe that politicians need to take responsibility for their promises.

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Modi said, “What I say is my responsibility. I have also guaranteed it. I take up the issue of Article 370. This has been the commitment of our party. I showed courage and removed Article 370. Today Jammu and Kashmir 's fortune has changed.

PM Modi said, “Triple Talaq is also an example of this. A lot was said to the political leadership on Triple Talaq. People said why should we trust them? They say one thing and another. But in the end people did not trust them.” I also consider this trust as my responsibility and I tell it to the people by calling it 'Modi's guarantee'. All the promises that have been made will be fulfilled and will be completed on time.

PM Modi said, “As far as guarantee is concerned… I feel that politicians are not true to their words. They say whatever they want for their own benefit. But they have nothing to do. As a leader Old videos are circulating on social media in which one of his statements is so contradictory to the other that people watch it together and say… I have just heard a speech by a politician. Had said- 'I will remove poverty in one stroke.' But they have no vision to do this.”

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Prime Minister Modi was referring to Rahul Gandhi's statement at a rally in Rajasthan on March 11. Rahul Gandhi had claimed that he would eradicate poverty in an instant by transferring Rs 1 lakh to the account of a poor woman.

PM Modi said, “I will never say that I have done everything. Of course, many things have been done. Still, I still have a lot to do. Because I see how much my country needs. It is the dream of every family. “That's what I want to achieve. That's why I want to do more.”

During the interview, the Prime Minister appealed to the first time voters to consider the future of the country for the next 25 years and then cast their vote.

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