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After the death of mafia Mukhtar Ansari, the name of Ataur Rehman, his close aide and father-in-law, is once again in the headlines. Ataur Rehman alias Sikandar is absconding for the last 26 years. His name has come up in the cases of murder and kidnapping of many famous people. At one time he was called the mastermind of Mukhtar gang. CBI and police are looking for him. Former Uttar Pradesh DGP Brijlal Singh has made many revelations about him in a conversation with 'Aaj Tak'.

Former DGP told that the closest person to Mukhtar Ansari was Ataur Rehman alias Sikandar. Ataur seemed to be Mukhtar's father-in-law. He was known as the mastermind of Mukhtar gang. He has been absconding for the last 26 years. CBI and police are searching for him.

Suit-boots and briefcase in hand

Regarding the time when Ataur Rehman's name was feared, Brijlal Singh says that after Munna Bajrangi, if anyone was closest to Mukhtar, it was Rehman. Rehman used to wear suits and boots and used to carry a numbered briefcase in his hand. He used to keep a foreign pistol in this briefcase.

Mafia Mukhtar Ansari

According to former DGP Brijlal – At that time, if any famous leader or businessman was killed by a single bullet, then everyone would know that Ataur Rehman alias Sikandar had committed the crime. Sikandar was also involved in the murder of leader Ajit Singh. Ajit Singh was murdered by installing a silencer in a telescopic rifle.

Brijlal further told that the names of Akhilesh Singh and Ramesh Kalia also came up in the Ajit Singh murder case. The investigation was handed over to CID but the then SP government managed everything and it was said that the gunner who was accompanying him got fired from his carbine and Ajit got hit. Whereas, there was discussion in the underworld that Ataur Rehman had killed Ajit Singh. Because, in the death of Ajit Singh also only one bullet was fired. And at that time only Rehman had the skill to kill the enemy with a single bullet.

One gun shot and the person in front is done

Similarly, Ranjit Singh was murdered in 1991, in this incident also a bullet was fired. It was told that Ranjit Singh was watering the Peepal tree near the house. There was a drain nearby and there was the house of Mukhtar's henchman Ramu Mallah. Mukhtar made a hole in the wall of this house and Rehman took aim through it. When Ranjit Singh was giving water to the Peepal tree, Ataur Rehman fired a shot and he was killed there.

Similarly, Guru Saheb Singh of mafia Brijesh Singh was also killed by Rehman with a single bullet. He had committed this incident in the Banaras court with his foreign rifle. Apart from this, Havildar Rajendra Singh was also killed by Rehman in a gun shot. Because, Mukhtar's guru Sadhu Maknu Singh had enmity with the Havildar who also appeared to be Maknu Singh's cousin.

Havildar Rajendra Singh was posted in Banaras Police Line. When he left the police line with his wife, a white Ambassador car followed him and during this, Ataur Rehman's Magnum 275 rifle also roared. The constable died on the spot due to Rehman's bullet.

Mukhtar's main role in robbery, kidnapping and murder

Former DGP of UP told that when Mukhtar became MLA in January 1997, a ransom of crores was demanded from Delhi's big businessman Rungta through Ataur Rehman and then he was killed and thrown in Jhunsi of Prayagraj. In 1991, when Kalyan Singh became the Chief Minister, there was pressure on the Mukhtar gang and Mukhtar along with his shooters Munna Bajrangi and Ataur Rehman fled to Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh and stayed there.

During this time, the big criminals of Western UP, Sanjeev Jeeva, Ravindra Bhura, Rajveer Ramala, Prabhu Jot Dimpy, who was a terrorist and spoke English fluently, joined the Mukhtar gang. Whatever deadly weapons Mukhtar got were from Prabhu Jot Dimpy only.

LMG was also given to Mukhtar

According to Brijlal Singh, Ataur Rehman was not a sports shooter like Mukhtar but he was a professional shooter. He had become trained while committing murder. That's why he could kill any personality with just one gun shot. He had also given light machine gun to Mukhtar, which was recovered by Deputy SP Shailendra Singh on 26 January.

But the then Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav did not allow the attack on Mukhtar and he was saved. Not only this, when BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai was murdered in 2005, Ataur Rehman played a key role in the conspiracy.

Former DGP Brijlal told 'Aaj Tak' that when he was in police service, he had tried to catch Ataur Rehman but he used to escape to Nepal and Bangladesh. According to Brijlal- Delhi's big coal businessman Vijay Goyal came to a big party and when he came out, he was kidnapped. A ransom of Rs 10 crore was demanded from him and he was asked to bring the ransom money to a temple. Mukhtar himself had gone to collect this money, from where he was arrested.

Delhi businessman kidnapped, Rs 10 crore ransom

Whereas, businessman Goyal was recovered from Panchkula. He was kept unconscious by injection. If Mukhtar had not been caught at that time, he would have absconded with the money and in return the businessman would not have remained alive. In the same case, Mukhtar was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in which a TADA case was registered.

Brijlal also said that during the time of SP government, Mukhtar's court was held in the jail. From jail, he used to plan murders, robberies and kidnappings and run all the black businesses. Mukhtar used to get contracts for everything from mining to railways to ration to his people. Mukhtar had a share in everything from diesel filling to the fish sold from Andhra Pradesh. When cows and buffaloes went to Bangladesh for slaughter, Mukhtar had a hand in that too because he got huge profits from it.

Mukhtar's coin was in use

Mukhtar had such a big planning that when he did his work and made supplies, his men, from inspector to constable, were there on the way from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar. Because, he used to recruit most of the people. One of them was a soldier named Faiyaz who was recently mourning the death of Mukhtar by posting a status on social media.

This was the planning to escape from the police

According to the former police officer, Mukhtar had given Magnum weapons to all the people in his house who got their licenses. Also, when the police chased, these people used to keep the uniform of Deputy SP with them in the vehicles. There were also tripods and telescopes and as soon as they saw the opportunity, they would take out the tripods and telescopes and start surveying them in the same way as the PWD department inspects the road.

There was a Dimpy (from Punjab) in Mukhtar's gang who spoke English fluently. In such a situation, the police thought that he was an educated engineer so they did not doubt him and these people were saved. Brijlal told that the absconding Ataur Rehman could be anywhere in Bangladesh or Pakistan, because Sahabu from the same village as Mukhtar, who also has a name worth Rs 7 lakh, has settled in Pakistan. He got married there.

Ataur Rehman is said to be a relative of Mukhtar Ansari and both were residents of Muhammadabad, Ghazipur. At present, both police and CBI are searching for Ataur.

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