This person looks exactly like Sunny Deol, you too will be fooled after seeing his body language, users advised to wear more glasses sir theinsiderinsight

If there are stars, there will be those who copy them and mimic them. Some fans like to style themselves like their favorite stars and copy them in body language too. Some become hits in this work and some become jokes. Generally, one finds many people mimicking stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar. Who capture the different styles of these stars and then present them in their own style. But there are very few people who copy Sunny Deol's style. In which social media influencer Sanjay Madhav is also included.

Sanjay Madhav looks exactly like Sunny Deol

Sanjay Madhav often shares such videos on his Instagram handle in which he is acting on Sunny Deol's dialogues. Blinking eyes slowly like Sunny Deol. Sanjay Madhav copies the slightly angry expression on the face and the movement of the fingers exactly like Sunny Deol.

He has tried his best to look like Sunny Deol by keeping a beard look on his face and has succeeded to a great extent. Recently he has also shared a dialogue of Sunny Deol. On which he himself is acting like Sunny Deol. Seeing him, perhaps you too will be forced to praise him.

brother, wear glasses

Users have also become fans of this talent of Sanjay Madhav. One user wrote that you are amazing at this work. One user wrote that you absolutely look like Sunny Deol's brother. One user even advised that if you wear glasses and do mimicry, you will look exactly like Sunny Deol. However, some users definitely did not enjoy his talent. One user has expressed his choice by writing no.

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