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Attacking Congress, BSP supremo Mayawati said that whenever our party gives ticket to a Muslim candidate, Congress also fields a candidate from the same community. Regarding Imran Masood, he said that he is not going to win. Therefore, they should not benefit the BJP candidate by voting for them.

Addressing a rally in Deoband, Saharanpur, the BSP chief said that Congress has also fielded its Muslim candidate here. Their candidate is not going to win the election because Congress has no other votes. BSP has the votes of Dalits and Kshatriya community. During this period, Mayawati has made a special appeal to the people of Kshatriya and Muslim communities.

He said, “We have given ticket to a Kshatriya candidate from Kairana. In Saharanpur too, the Muslim candidate will definitely get the votes of the Kshatriya community. You people do not have to divide your votes. If you give even a little vote to the Congress candidate, it will be beneficial.” If you really want to defeat the BJP candidate then I would like to tell the people of Muslim community that you should not divide your votes unilaterally from Saharanpur seat.”

Mayawati's appeal to the people of Saharanpur and Kairana

Appealing to the Muslim community, Mayawati said, “I want to tell the people of the Muslim community of Kairana that the Kshatriya community is making the BSP candidate win in Saharanpur, so you people also have to make the Kshatriya candidate win in Kairana. Maintain this brotherhood. Keep it because the people of Kshatriya community of Saharanpur know that people of their community have also been MPs from here.”

Mayawati said to Kshatriya community – You people kept looking towards BJP

BSP supremo told the people of Kshatriya community that if you people had joined the party in Saharanpur a little earlier, you could have become a candidate from your community, but you people kept looking towards BJP, but they did not give you a chance. We still respected the Kshatriya community and have given ticket to the Kshatriya community from the adjacent Kairana seat.”

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