Who Is The Owner Of The Astonishing Diamond House? Know About This Billionaire – MEIL's billionaire owner lives in Diamond House, on which CBI has filed an FIR. theinsiderinsight

New Delhi :

Indian billionaire PP Reddy lives in a house that looks like a diamond. Reddy is a 'self made' billionaire industrialist of the country. While he is a flamboyant entrepreneur, his nature also includes humility. Reddy, who started a small company with only two people in 1989, is today the chairman of Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL), a Rs 26,700 crore company. The architecture of Reddy's Diamond House is astonishing.

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Born in a farmer family and initially leading a simple life, PP Reddy now has his own golf course. Reddy's palace-like house in Jubilee Hills area of ​​Hyderabad has external walls of glass. This sparkling house looks like a diamond. Reddy believes that gaining confidence is important to move forward in life. He advises people to work hard to win everyone's trust. Once you gain trust, you must maintain it.

PP Reddy is the fifth child of his farmer father. He probably could not have imagined that he would ever be recognized as a billionaire, although he was certainly ambitious. Reddy did not stop anywhere after starting his own business. His nephew PV Krishna Reddy joined him in 1991 after graduating. Together, both of them continuously expanded their company. PV Krishna Reddy is now leading this business empire as MD.

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