Car caught fire after accident in Sikar, 7 people of same family burnt alive – Seven people burnt alive fire in car after accident in sikar rajasthan lclm theinsiderinsight

Seven people of a family from Meerut, UP were burnt alive on Sunday in Fatehpur of Sikar district of Rajasthan. Actually, a car hit a truck at 2.30 pm on Sunday afternoon. After this accident, the car caught fire and within no time the entire car and all the people in it were burnt to ashes.

Due to the massive fire, seven people including two innocent children and three women of the family were burnt alive in just a few minutes. The fire was so fierce that no one could do anything. The family was going back to Meerut after visiting Salasar Balaji. Those who died by burning include 7 people including husband and wife, two daughters, mother and aunt.

Car rammed under truck due to overtaking
It is said that while attempting to overtake on Salasar Pulia, a speeding car ran under the truck. Due to the bursting of the gas pipe, the gasket cylinder immediately caught fire and within no time the car got burnt. The cotton rolls loaded in the truck added fuel to the fire. Passersby also tried to save them, but the gate did not open and within a few moments the fire took seven lives.

Seven people burnt to death within a few minutes
The fire was so severe that by the time the police and fire brigade arrived, the whole game was over. The truck driver and helper ran away as soon as the fire broke out. According to eyewitnesses and Kotwal Subhash Bijaraniyan, the accident happened at around 2.30 pm on Salasar Pulia of the town. A truck and car were going towards Churu. Then when the car started moving ahead while overtaking the truck on Salasar Pulia, a vehicle came from the front. While trying to save the vehicle, the car became unbalanced and rammed into the truck moving ahead.

Fire broke out when cotton loaded in truck fell on car
As soon as the police reached the spot after receiving the information, all seven people in the car were burnt alive and the fire had taken a horrific form. A gas kit was installed in the car. The truck was loaded with medical cotton, which fell on the car. Because of this the fire flared up more rapidly. A huge crowd gathered at the spot, everyone was shocked by the incident. The people in the car kept pleading for help but could not help even if they wanted to.

All the deceased were members of the same family
Kotwal Subhash Bijaraniyan said that all the deceased were residents of Meerut and belonged to the same family. Apart from Hardik, his mother, wife and two daughters, the deceased was Hardik's aunt and aunt's son. The deceased include wife Neelam Goyal, 55 years, husband Mukesh Goyal and his son Ashutosh Goyal, 35 years, son Mukesh Goyal, Manju Bindal, 58 years, wife Mahesh Bindal, Hardik Bindal, 37 years, son, Swati Bindal, 32 years, Hardik's wife, Hardik's daughter, 7 years old. Diksha, and education of four year old daughter are also included. All were residents of Sharda Road, Meerut.

IG Satyendra Singh, Collector Qamar Ul Zaman Chaudhary, SP Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav, Fatehpur Deputy Rampratap Vishnoi and other officers reached the spot. The relatives of the deceased have also left for Fatehpur from Meerut.

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