Explained: From Air Strikes To Cyber ​​Attacks… Know What Options Israel Has To Retaliate Against Iran? – Explained: From air strikes to cyber attacks… know what options Israel has to retaliate against Iran? theinsiderinsight

Many countries including America, France, Britain had expressed concern about the attack on Israel.

Israeli war cabinet iran Is engaged in planning how to respond to drone and missile attacks. Last Saturday, Iran attacked Israel with 300 missiles and drones. The attack was in retaliation for Israel's deadly attack on Tehran's consulate in Damascus on April 1. After this attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while addressing the countrymen said that Israel is strong, our army is strong and the people of our country are also strong. Benjamin Netanyahu also vowed a strong response.

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America and many other allies have urged Israel not to go to war. But Israel is not one of the countries to remain silent. Israel's military leadership has indicated that it will not leave without responding to the major Iranian attack on Saturday night. Israel has not yet provided any details about how or when it will respond to Iran. But below are some options through which Israel can take revenge from Iran.

Air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities

Israel can respond to Iranian attack with air strikes. Israel can target strategic locations including Revolutionary Guards bases and nuclear research facilities in the attack. The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog said that he is concerned that Israel could possibly target Iranian nuclear sites. “We are always concerned about this possibility,” IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said.

In fact, Israel has taken such military action in the past. Israel bombed an Iraqi reactor in 1981 and a Syrian nuclear facility in 2007.

Attack on military targets or infrastructure

Israel could potentially target Iranian military installations or critical infrastructure through direct airstrikes or cyber operations. According to Sima Shine, former head of the research division of the Mossad intelligence agency, the aim of this strategy would be to send a strong message to Iran while minimizing civilian casualties.

cyber attack

Iran has for years accused Israel of cyber attacks on military sites as well as the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. Israel is believed to have historically carried out cyber attacks on Iran's infrastructure ranging from petrol stations to industrial plants and nuclear facilities. Israel can then launch such cyber attacks on Iran.

covert operation

Israel is believed to have previously conducted several covert operations inside Iran, including the assassination of several of its senior nuclear scientists. Israel can do such operations again to take revenge from Iran.


Israel, while considering a military response, has stepped up diplomatic efforts to isolate Iran, including imposing a series of sanctions. The United States said on Tuesday it would soon impose new sanctions over Iran's missile and drone programs and expected its allies and partners to take parallel steps.

Not only this, Israel's Foreign Minister Israel Katz started 'diplomatic offensive' against Iran. Foreign Minister Katz has sent letters to his 32 countries. Have spoken to dozens of foreign ministers and prominent personalities of the world. The Foreign Minister has called for banning Iran's missile program and declaring the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. He believes that these measures will help in weakening Tehran.

Video-Is Israel preparing to attack Iran's nuclear targets?

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