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Currently, Arvind Kejriwal, who is lodged in Tihar Jail in the liquor scam, does not seem to be getting any relief from anywhere. On one hand, on Tuesday, the High Court said that the arrest was justified, while on Wednesday, the Rouse Avenue Court rejected the petition granting permission to meet the lawyer five times a week. Kejriwal wanted immediate hearing in the Supreme Court, but there too a special bench was not formed. Now Rajkumar Anand, a minister in Arvind Kejriwal's government, has resigned believing that his own CM is involved in corruption. In such a situation, the question arises whether the process of resignation has already started and will Kejriwal stick to his stance of running the government from jail or will he resign?

Actually, there were six ministers in the Kejriwal government, including Gopal Rai. This is Imran Hussain. The third minister is Kailash Gehlot. ED has also interrogated him in the liquor scam. The fourth and fifth ministers are Saurabh Bhardwaj and Atishi. According to ED, Kejriwal said that accused Vijay Nair used to report to both of them. The sixth minister was Rajkumar Anand, who resigned, claiming to be unhappy with the party's involvement in corruption. That is, at present, out of total seven characters of Delhi government, four ministers including Kejriwal are either accused in the liquor scam or their names have been heard in the court. Meanwhile, a minister, Rajkumar Anand, has resigned out of distress, claiming that the party is embroiled in corruption.

Kejriwal's minister raised questions on the government

Rajkumar Anand's resignation has made the game of politics in the country's capital more interesting. The reason is that Kejriwal is adamant on running the government from jail. When the entire party including Kejriwal is calling every allegation false. When the Aam Aadmi Party is running the campaign through votes as the answer to jail. When Aam Aadmi Party is calling the leaders going to jail as Bhagat Singh. Then Kejriwal's own minister Rajkumar Anand has not only become the first leader from within the party to raise questions, but has also become the first leader within the party to believe the allegations of Kejriwal's involvement in the liquor scam. He suddenly called the media on Wednesday evening and gave a big statement using words like regret, discomfort, moral strength.

Rajkumar Anand resigns from party and ministerial post

He said that I came into politics when Kejriwal had said that if politics changes, the country will change. Today it is regrettable to say that politics has not changed but politicians have changed. Aam Aadmi Party was born out of the movement against corruption. But today this party itself is trapped in the quagmire of corruption. It became uncomfortable to work as a minister. I am resigning from the party, government and ministerial post. I do not want to be associated with corrupt practices. I don't think we have the moral strength left to govern. He told the media that before yesterday it seemed that we were being framed, but when the High Court's decision came, we felt that there is something wrong with us. That means, citing morality, Kejriwal's rebel minister has demanded the CM to resign.

Will Kejriwal resign?

If we look at Rajkumar Anand's statement, two questions arise. Is Rajkumar Anand going to join BJP and that is why he has left the post of minister and has started considering Kejriwal guilty of corruption after hearing the High Court verdict, even though he has not been convicted yet. The second question is whether there are other leaders like Rajkumar Anand within the Aam Aadmi Party, who want Kejriwal to resign or who believe that the party is somehow mired in corruption? The question between these two questions is whether Kejriwal will now stop running the government from jail. Will Kejriwal resign?

Rajkumar Anand has resigned from Aam Aadmi Party for the second time. In the year 2015 also, he left the party and then in 2019, he was again included in the Aam Aadmi Party. After the resignation of Rajkumar Anand, if any other leader, MLA resigns from the Aam Aadmi Party or raises questions on the basis of morality if Kejriwal does not resign, will there be pressure under which Arvind Kejriwal will bow down or will he be released from jail like now? There is a government, will it continue as it is? This is also a question.

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