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RR vs GT: Rajasthan Royals have scored 196 runs while playing first in the match against Gujarat Titans. Captain Sanju Samson and Ryan Parag made very important contributions in taking RR to this big score. But in the 17th over of the innings, an incident occurred which made Gujarat captain Shubman Gill turn red with anger. Actually, due to being given a wide in the 17th over, Shubman Gill had challenged the umpire's decision with DRS, but due to confusion of the TV umpire, Gill's anger had reached the seventh sky.

What is the whole matter?

Mohit Sharma came to bowl the 17th over for Gujarat Titans in the innings of Rajasthan Royals. Mohit bowled the last ball of the over at a slow pace, to play which Sanju Samson stood a little outside the off-stump. Although Samson could not hit the ball, the ball passed very close to the wide line and went to the keeper. The on-field umpire had declared it wide, but according to Gujarat keeper Matthew Wade, it was not wide because Samson was standing outside the off-stump. In such a situation, Shubman Gill took DRS.

The TV umpire first declared it a correct ball, but after some time the ball was reviewed again. This time the TV umpire declared Mohit Sharma's ball wide. Shubman appeared very angry at the umpire for confusing everyone. Gill even came to the umpire and expressed his displeasure, but ultimately the ball was declared wide.

Gujarat gave away a lot of runs in the match

If we look at the bowling of Gujarat Titans, Umesh Yadav definitely took one wicket, but he gave away 47 runs in 4 overs. Mohit Sharma had crossed the 50 mark. Umesh Yadav, Mohit Sharma and Rashid Khan took one wicket each. Meanwhile, Spencer Johnson and Noor Ahmed were neither able to take wickets nor were successful in stopping the runs.

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