Ukraine is going to get dangerous American missile, Russian air strikes will fail – US to give Hawk missile Air defense system to Ukraine to counter Russian aerial threats theinsiderinsight

America is going to provide dangerous Hawk Phase-3 missile to Ukraine which is fighting a war against Russia. Its full name is MIM-23 HAWK. It is a surface-to-air medium range missile. America's State Department has decided to give Hawk Phase-3 missile to Ukraine. The value of this deal will be more than Rs 1150 crore. This includes missile systems, fire units, support equipment, training etc.

This missile pursues its target through radar-homing guidance system. It moves towards the target at a maximum speed of 3334 km/hr. It has also been used in Chad-Libya war, Iran-Iraq war, Gulf war, Libya-Turkey war.

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The weight of a missile is about 590 kg. The 16.8 feet long missile has a diameter of 14.5 inches. A 54 kg warhead is installed in it. Usually, a blast fragmentation warhead is installed in it, which continues to explode even after colliding with the target.

Why does Ukraine need this missile?

The range of this missile is 45 to 50 kilometers. This missile can reach a maximum height of 65 thousand feet. That means it can destroy any target like enemy fighter jet, missile, helicopter, drone. Ukraine urgently needs this missile so that it can stop Russian missiles and jet attacks.

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Not only America, Spain has also announced to give six Hawk air defense systems to Ukraine. Russia is angry with the announcement of these two countries. At present, America has not told how many Hawk missile systems it will give to Ukraine. But it is believed that so many systems will be provided that Ukraine can take on Russia.

Which countries are using it?

Currently this missile is being used by France, Greece, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. Are. Ukraine also has its old version.

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