PM lashed out at Rahul, Mamata angry over EC action… Read big updates of April 15 in 'Chunav Dinbhar' – PM Modi slams Rahul Gandhi Mamata Banerjee angry over EC action big updates of April 15 in Election Day ntc theinsiderinsight

All the parties are busy preparing for the Lok Sabha elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Palakkad, Kerala where he fiercely targeted Rahul Gandhi without taking his name. He said that a big leader of Congress is not even able to save the respect of his family seat in UP. Election officials checked Rahul Gandhi's helicopter in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. Rahul Gandhi was going to Wayanad to campaign in this helicopter. In West Bengal, the Election Commission has removed the DIG of Murshidabad from his post, due to which Mamata Banerjee is furious. Hina Shahab has made it clear that she will contest the elections as an independent candidate from Bihar's Siwan seat. Hina is the wife of former Siwan MP Mohammad Shahabuddin. Bahujan Samaj Party's young face and National Coordinator Akash Anand has claimed regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections that BSP will surprise everyone this time. Read the major election news of April 15 in 'Chunav Dinbhar'…

'If it becomes difficult to save honor on family seat…' PM Modi lashed out at Rahul Gandhi in Kerala

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an election rally in Palakkad, Kerala on Monday. Here he fiercely targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. PM Modi said, 'A big leader of Congress, who has found it difficult to save his honor in his family seat in UP, has made his new base in Kerala. The crown prince of Congress will seek votes from the people of Kerala but will not speak a single word in your favor or on your issues.

Rahul Gandhi's helicopter searched in Tamil Nadu, he was going to Wayanad for election campaign

Another news related to Rahul Gandhi came from Tamil Nadu. Election officials searched Rahul Gandhi's helicopter in Nilgiris. This helicopter was going to Kerala Wayanad with Rahul. Rahul Gandhi had won from Wayanad in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. According to ECI sources, this checking was part of standard instructions to ensure inducement-free voting.

'If riots happen in Murshidabad-Malda then Election Commission is responsible', Mamata angry over removal of DIG

News also from West Bengal, where the Election Commission has removed the DIG of Murshidabad from his post. Mamata Banerjee is furious over this. He has said that officers are deliberately changed by BJP to incite violence. If even a single riot occurs, the Election Commission will be responsible because they are looking after the law and order here.

Shahabuddin's wife Hina will contest independent elections from Siwan, said- I will stick to my decision

On the other hand, regarding RJD's candidature from Siwan, former MP Shahabuddin's wife Hina Shahab has made it clear that she will contest the elections as an independent candidate. When he was asked what would happen if Lalu Yadav talks to him about this. On this, Hina Shahab said that my husband was firm on principles and principles. Following his principles, I am contesting the elections as an independent candidate. Insha Allah I will stick to my words.

'BSP will not go with BJP, but…', Akash Anand gave these hints regarding alliance

Mayawati led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is contesting the Lok Sabha elections without any alliance with any party. National Coordinator Akash Anand, the young face of BSP, is holding vigorous rallies. Akash Anand has claimed that BSP will surprise everyone this time. In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Akash made it clear that BSP will never go with BJP.

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